Helping Lawyers Speak With Confidence
Group or Individual Presentation Delivery Coaching
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Helping Lawyers Speak with Confidence

"Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, Merri Bame is ready to help you break down the barriers in your way so you speak with confidence!"

BDB Communication LLC was founded on the notion that we are all fairly strong communicators, unless and until

-we believe those listening to us disagree
-our minds are negatively engaged
-we are experiencing high risk

Any of these three occasions commonly lead us to lack confidence while experiencing barriers to good communication habits. Attorneys may encounter this in court, while networking, during practice group meetings or when preparing for and/or delivering a presentation. When they enter moments that highlight their introversion - this time focusing on the bad, not the good - they need relief from that self-proclaimed barrier.

BDB Communication is here to help attorneys break down introversion barriers that get in the way of effectively communicating through the following services :

-In House Public Speaking Counsel to observe how your team comes across in public.
-Individual Communication Coaching to support your leadership effectiveness and team self-management.
-Presentation Coaching to build influence and confidence for individuals or groups in your firm.

Have some barriers you want to break down? Let Merri Bame, of BDB Communication help you.

Your public speaking and effective communication can help you
• Increase your power
• Enhance your pride
• Provide peace of mind
• Expand your pleasure
whether you are an introvert, or not.

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