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Helping Lawyers Speak with Confidence

"Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, Merri Bame is ready to help you break down the barriers that lead to public speaking anxiety so you speak with confidence!"

Because most attorneys are introverts (63% on average), you may also be. As such, you may encounter public speaking anxiety in court, while networking, during practice group meetings or when delivering a presentation. Don't think you cannot get over your anxiety. That's where BDB Communication comes in.

Maybe you're an extrovert. Anxiety may not be your issue, but instead, relating to your listeners or clarifying your message.

BDB Communication helps attorneys break down barriers that get in the way of communicating effectively with others, regardless of their communication style.

BDB does this in two ways:
-With BDB Presentation Coaching you build awareness and development of your natural speaking style, your message clarity and your ability to relate to listeners, enhancing both your leadership and effectiveness as an attorney.

-With BDB Individual Communication Coaching you get support for your communication self-management, relationship-building and follow through so you have more time for your priorities.

Public speaking and effective communication coaching increases
• power/pride
• peace of mind /pleasure with speaking in public

What will breaking down public speaking barriers do for your individual attorney career or your firm's success?

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