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It’s Your Business to Speak

Attorneys not only need to write and research well, they need to speak up - for their clients and for themselves. But they have concerns.

Self-Promotion concerns
"I remember struggling with how to promote my practice. While my head was overwhelmed with negative commentary of not sounding professional enough, of questioning whether I was relevant or just making a fool of myself, I would often shut down."

"What comes out is blubber. I feel I am making up the answers on the spot and that embarrasses me."

"I would rather promote someone else than myself. Unfortunately, I need to originate business. If I could just practice law, I'd be okay."

Confidence concerns
"I don't like it when all eyes are on me. My body temperature rises. It seems everyone can see my neck and face get red. I feel like I am about to pass out."

"When I am prepared, I am fine. But if someone asks me a question from out of nowhere, I feel I must answer immediately and when I do I sound awful."

Public Speaking concerns
"When I have to speak from someone else's power-point presentation, I fumble through. I don't feel competent enough and sometimes even find the information boring. How can I bring this to life?"

"What value can I bring to this topic that hasn't already been said?"

"It takes so much time to prepare for a talk. Will it always be this way?"

"When I get in front of the audience, I lose my focus and don't even know what I have just said. "

So they come to me.

They want to learn to speak up. To be successful lawyers, they want to be comfortable presenting information to large groups of people including clients, prospective clients, judges, arbitrators, juries, opposing counsel, witnesses, boards and colleagues. Their comfort taking "center stage" affects both their esteem as well as their impact.

My clients, maybe like you, have repeated opportunities to speak up for themselves, to share their perspective, demonstrate their value and influence others. As law professionals they must do so. Learning to speak up not only helps their clients, it enhances the profession.

I help attorneys, both introverts and extroverts, find their voice and use it in ways that works best for them and their listeners.

Can you relate? Maybe you are a good fit to work with me.

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Merri Bame

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