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Helping Lawyers Break Down Communication Barriers and Get What They Want

I don't know about YOU, but MANY lawyers want to be able to bill more hours and/or make partner and/or engage and influence in court and/or live the life they want. But 64% or more of attorneys are introverts and tend to get in their own way.

But NO ONE (introvert or extrovert) is able to get these results until they have broken down barriers, especially in their public speaking and communication skills. SOME of us are confident, SOME of us are clear and SOME of us connect well to our listeners. But NONE of us do all 3, naturally.

However, introvert or extrovert, we CAN LEARN how to communicate to get results we want.

Doing so requires ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in speaking and PRACTICE in developing our skills.

Clients who work with BDB Communication are willing to be active with speaking, get practice in it and then get results that lead them to the greater results they are after.

Results from investing in public speaking coaching through BDB:
“I can now build the structure of my message”
“I know how to start and end strong”
“Am enjoying sparking interest in my message”
“Have increased both my confidence and clarity”
“Improved my projection and enunciation”
“Learned how to pause for effect”
“Gathering my thoughts better before I begin to speak off-the-cuff”
“Improved my confidence by focusing on my message structure”
“Learned how to practice my message”
“Able to see the value of good speaking and apply these skills to daily life”

Merri Bame, who can relate to 64% of attorneys, founded BDB (Breaking Down Barriers) Communication to help attorneys and other introvert speakers break down barriers that get in the way of effectively communicating and from getting what they really want out of their job.

What results do YOU want from your lawyer position? If you feel you're getting in your own way, think about what you could have if you had any of the above results. If you were getting the above results, how could they help you get the even more important results you are after?

Take action with practicing your public speaking and every day communication skills. Contact Merri using the tab at the top of this page.

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