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Helping Lawyers Break Down Communication Barriers and Get What They Want

Are you tired of walking away from a conversation, a sales meeting or courtroom communication shaking your head?

How you communicate leads you to the results you’re after. It's not JUST about talking. How you think, plan, listen, and pay attention to non-verbals all contribute to your communication. You build barriers or you break them down.

John came to BDB for coaching because he wanted a plan of what to say and how to operate when networking. Before working together he stumbled with starting conversation, breaking into groups and knowing what was expected of him. Consequently his attendance at networking events was weak yet he needed visibility and more referral sources for business. What he got was strategies that helped him be at ease and a mindset open to "getting out there" that led others to connect with and trust him.

Richard was in many ways a leader, experienced in his practice and a model for his network. Yet getting up in front of groups was a mental challenge that forced him to shut down. He came to BDB with the desire to get over this barrier so he could take advantage of more opportunities to lead and grow by speaking up. What he got was strategies for focusing and self-coaching that turned his discomfort into personal and professional sense of purpose.

Linda was described by others as driven, focused and in charge. She knew what she wanted and took initiative. She came to BDB with the need to improve her image. A type "A" personality or "D" communicator (from DISC), her energy sometimes came across wrong. She wanted results that not only felt good to her, but that pleased others. But she didn't know how to accomplish this. What we started with was focusing on nonverbals. From coaching Linda saw skills in herself she hadn't made use of, and her daily focused shifted. In time Linda lead, negotiated, and influenced in ways that gave her powerful results and motivated others' rewarding her efforts.

If you are interested in developing your communication, your confidence and/or your ability to connect with people, contact Merri to start breaking down communication barriers. You'll get what you want, and more.

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