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Helping Lawyers Break Down Communication Barriers and Speak with Confidence

If you've ever been speaking and felt a huge disconnect, you probably experienced discomfort, frustration and minimal results. While what you want is confidence, what you're feeling isn't. Instead, you face barriers.

You're not alone. And this situation will continue to happen while you are orally advocating, developing business, conversing with clients, reporting out in your practice group, following up with your network or giving a presentation.

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Introvert or extrovert, as an attorney and as a person, what you want is results and more control. Or peace of mind and poise. Or the reputation that attracts others to you. Or pride in your quality message. But what you're facing is a huge barrier.

I founded BDB (Breaking Down Barriers) Communication to help attorneys break down barriers that get in the way of effectively communicating, regardless of their communication style. I'm an introvert, someone who can relate to 64% of attorneys. We have incredible value but often overlook it and get in our own way when communicating.

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My experience in using a compassionate ear and eye with introvert clients helps them understand the value of and the importance of their communication. I coach them in how to break down barriers so they show up with confidence.

Conversely, my attention to the needs of introverts has given me an edge in understanding extroverts so they benefit from communication coaching as well. As introvert barrier patterns revolve around confidence limits, the extroverts' barrier patterns revolve around message clarity and connecting with their listeners.

I help attorneys and introvert speakers speak with confidence. Maybe you have to do more networking, maybe you have a jury trial coming up, a CLE to lead or other public speaking activity. What will breaking down communication barriers do for your success?

Notice my services in presentation and communication coaching that can help you get your message across.

Contact me by clicking the tab above. Thanks for taking an interest in your communication style, in breaking down public speaking and communication barriers.

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