About Merri

By day Merri is a presentation/communication coach.

Eager w MM group presentation

She is an introvert.

64% of lawyers can relate to this temperament. Often Merri shyed away from speaking up, doubting her own value. Yet her value includes expertise in belief, in performance, articulation and empathy. As Merri grew to understand the introvert’s poise, expertise and conscientiousness and how those traits impact both professional success and audience attraction, she realized she could be a trusted resource to lawyers motivated to be thoughtful leaders.

She is an educator.

Like the attorney, Merri values depth of study and preparation. She also values connecting with clarity and influence. Whether working with a partner or associate, she discovers their value and their desires and educates/coaches them to break down barriers to achieve them.

Graduate of Bowling Green State University, teacher of speech/English/theatre for 16 years, trainer of the Certified Networker program for 4 years, and trained in adult learning

She is a performer.

The professional’s ability to shift from anxiety to enthusiasm, when all eyes are on them, is the mark of true performance.

Trained as both a director and performer, Merri helps lawyers relax into the challenging circumstances of tough conversations, public speaking, courtroom presence and inner office communication. Because attorneys are performers, too. Merri uncovers the ingredient most performers miss – belief.

Gregg Goldston School of Mime at Gambier College/Kenyon University; National Shakespeare Conservatory


By night Merri is a singer in a band and a pyromaniac.

Hamming it up in Backroads!

Many evenings and weekends Merri builds fires in her wood-burning fireplace and rehearses and/or sings with her Toledo-based band, No Excuses. These roles extend Merri’s ability to bring her clients the chance to find their own voice and to spark the fire within to share it.