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Antsy? Look at what you’re not doing.

How are you feeling today? Are you antsy? Then there is something you’re not doing. Address it and you’ll remove the feeling of regret. It’s oh so common to feel regret. At the end of the day we recount our actions and, once again, realize we haven’t followed through with something. And it’s an important .. read more

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Anxious? You have at least 1 barrier to break down.

Communication can be tough, even for attorneys. Circumstances that lead lawyers to feel communication anxiety typically centers around proving their worth, on business development, and on handling opposition. Can you relate? Each of these circumstances generates anxiety while also tipping the scale of said attorney’s success based on how well he/she communicates. First, we must .. read more

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How speakers create anxiety in listeners, part 1

Just as common as speakers being anxious when talking is listeners feeling anxiety with speakers. Today’s focus is on the anxiety we listeners get when speakers don’t look at us – not to be confused with speakers from cultures who take extended eye contact to mean an affront or challenge of authority. In the United .. read more

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Communicate to Break Down Barriers

A puppy now lives with my partner and I. This is an exciting, while challenging time! What we’re quickly noticing is how Star, this young pup, takes on the energy and attitude we give her. So if we want to spend our time correcting and disciplining – which of course, we don’t, we don’t think .. read more

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On October 14th, 2015, posted in: attorneys, behavior, communication, communication coach, law student by

How speakers push tolerance levels

When it comes to drinking and driving, we all have a tolerance level for what we can handle. Unfortunately, we only learn this lesson by crossing the line and vomiting, if not worse. The same is true for how much a person talks within a given time frame. If someone has used up 3 minutes while .. read more

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On October 6th, 2015, posted in: introvert, law student, lawyers, Message, Uncategorized by

Say, “Wow, I Did That!”

There’s nothing like the voice in our head, when it comes to how we feel about ourselves. Stemming from past experiences, opinions of others or even existing circumstances, that voice in your head either conjures up magic or doom. Right? What we feel about ourselves sends us on a trajectory of self-fulfilling prophecy. It will .. read more

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On September 28th, 2015, posted in: affirmation, Breaking down barriers, confidence by

Got Energy to Burn? Practice Public Speaking using 5 Tips

Whether you are in leadership, sales, training or litigation, you may step into moments when butterflies in the pit of your stomach feel overwhelming. Not only is this common (most folks won’t admit to it), it’s common for folks who have excelled in performance. As Victor Lipman points out in his post from 9.09.2015, “public speaking .. read more

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On September 22nd, 2015, posted in: Uncategorized by

New at Speaking? Give listeners what they want to see and hear.

When we think of new public speakers, what often comes to mind is a behavior that tends to be a common barrier pattern – being needy. There are several things we see of needy speakers. Tense behaviors that show their “nerves in action” commonly start with the hands and feet. This means that adrenaline coursing through our .. read more

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How to tell if you’re confident

It often surprises my clients that they actually come across confidently when speaking. As they were standing in front of the group they felt nervous and they were sure they came across this way. Some who feel nervous but don’t look that way are shocked to hear listeners report they didn’t see their nerves. Could .. read more

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On September 1st, 2015, posted in: affirmation, anxiety, confidence, feedback by

Find Your Uniqueness, Uncover Motivation

It’s common in our childhood to wish to fit in with the neighborhood kids, to be called on to participate and feel as though we belong. Belonging helps us relate and feel loved. But that’s not the only desire that calls to us. We also want to be unique, set apart, needed. When I shifted .. read more

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