Solo Practioners’ Accountability Group

Malpractice, client complaints, workload overwhelm – all these spell disaster to the solo practitioner. And yet this entrepreneur who wears all the hats while reporting to nobody endures the risk of these things on a regular basis. Truth is, you don’t have to go it alone. For some, coaching is a valuable option. Yet the .. read more

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How lawyers fool themselves

If you don’t believe your head is in the sand, (click to read the article by Leadership Freak) you may want to ask yourself a few questions about your ability to focus ON your lawyer business vs. IN it: 1. When is the last time I set aside time for networking so I can a.) refresh connections .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 4

19. Take the edge off. Learn what works best for you – a cold beer, a shot of something stiffer, a good laugh, a massage, or just getting up and walking away. Telling yourself you can handle it without that just makes you edgier. We all need to take the edge off. Otherwise we treat .. read more

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