Absolute language – remove it.

Ever felt unfairly judged or left out? If you’re like most of us, your answer is “yes.” If so, you may recall memories of childhood time at recess, in the school cafeteria or in neighborhood games. Perhaps someone else was chosen before you, or in some cases, you may have even been chosen last. Perhaps folks .. read more

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On August 26th, 2013, posted in: attitude, behavior, confidence, language by

I admire you

Sometimes I am so often inclined to prove my value that I hesitate to share my weaknesses. Yet when I get real, when I speak to the sides of my experiences that teach me lessons, I am able to connect with most folks, in a disarming way. So give me a few moments, if you .. read more

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On June 21st, 2013, posted in: behavior, confidence, impact by 2 Comments

What would you do if invited to speak?

Most people cringe, believing nothing good comes from standing in front of an audience. They would say NO to the invitation, for fear’s sake. Some people would simply hesitate before answering, taking in the compliment while, once again, discerning how to say a proper NO. Others have a few reasons for saying YES. Maybe they believe .. read more

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3 Q’s to Strengthen Your Conviction

You’ve experienced it before. After speaking out to influence your listeners, someone approaches you with, “Yea, I heard what you said, but…” This has certainly happened to me. And these are the times I have done one of two things: I walked away shaking my head that they just don’t get it or hitting my .. read more

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On April 22nd, 2013, posted in: behavior, calm, digging deep by

Top 2 Reasons We Get in Our Own Way

We’re capable, yet we still get in our own way more times than not. How do we do it? 2 simple ways have become patterns for most of us in holding ourselves back. First off, the majority of us are introverts. As such, we keep our mind busy focusing on how we measure up to .. read more

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On April 15th, 2013, posted in: behavior, confidence, courage by

Stand up for what you believe

Who deserves your representation? Know that answer, and why you feel that way and you can start standing up for what you believe. Sometimes we forget our beliefs. We get distracted by the natural barriers that get in our way, that strip away our energy and push us around. Yet these barriers, although distracting, and sometimes .. read more

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On March 12th, 2013, posted in: behavior, boundaries, clarity, confidence, controllling self by

Your Communication Can Help You Transform Your Work Environment

My final year of teaching high school shifted from being the worst-ever to the ultimate. Although I simply thought it was because the students grew up – I learned it was really about how I humbled myself into communicating well. Or another way of putting it, I improved my leadership-by-speech. That final year – 2000 .. read more

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Remember the nature of your Practice

Perfection is over-rated. Although it is sought after by analysts and academics, perfectionism creates the need for unrealistic behavior and subhuman attitudes. On the other hand, the steady practice of skills/gifts we are blessed with, while under-utilized by most people, is a realistic, success-oriented approach to living our life and committing to our practice. Do you believe you .. read more

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On November 19th, 2012, posted in: behavior, commit, practice, practice development by 1 Comment

Why Working With the Best is Such a Treat

Yesterday I had the honor of coaching judges on their presentation skills at the Ohio Supreme Court. What a humbling, career-energizing experience this was for me! I have told many audiences – including yesterday’s – that I enjoy coaching presenters of two types: those who are the top 20% of speakers in an organization, especially .. read more

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On October 26th, 2012, posted in: action, attitude, behavior, career, coaching, trust by

Good reason to have someone observe you

Today I observed a presenter for the second time in a week., the 4th time overall. New presentation, new venue and different presenting style all led toward my feeling of respect for the presenter who cares enough about his presentation impact to learn from an outsider about his patterns. Two days ago this speaker was in .. read more

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