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We can’t afford NOT to talk to people

Although many of us wish we could just close our door, turn off our phone and get to work, we can’t and we shouldn’t. Inspiration and opportunity come to us when we are open to others. I must be honest – like many introverts, I enjoy downtime – time to reflect, to recharge and to .. read more


Had a bad experience as a presenter? It’s time for a good one.

Not only is it common for people to have bad experiences presenting, bad presentations happen to all of us, even the best speakers. (By the way, most of us who speak a lot have learned our craft after bad experiences.)  After one of these experiences is a perfect time to get in front of a neutral observer to .. read more


You are building 1 of 2 things

As my minister so aptly put it a few days ago, we each build either walls or bridges. And as I thought through this in length, I realized I have in many times in my life contributed to both groups. Today I ask you to consider what you wish to build in 2013. If business .. read more

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Follow the Leader – How this really CAN apply to you

As a child, I welcomed following. When my sister or parents told me what to do, I did it. They did the thinking, I did the doing. In my young mind, following was easy. Now as an adult, I see I sometimes manage a balancing act: sometimes I hesitate to follow and other times I .. read more


Self-promotion gut check

Promoting is not my specialty. It isn’t lost on me that my business is to help people share their voice. But self-promotion is and has always been uncomfortable for me. Self-promoting, for an introvert, is logical yet too personal for comfort. So the question is, how do we get beyond the comfort? Like many things .. read more


Expression, Marcel Marceau’s way

Influential communication is not easy. Back in the early 90’s I decided to accept an invitation to attend Gregg Goldston’s School of Mime for 4 summer weeks. Having been enthralled by the focus, discipline and ease of expression of a highly talented residential artist who came to my drama classes that year up in NW Ohio, .. read more


Introverts and Extroverts Value Their Contacts

Who are you connecting with this week? My Master Mind groups this month have been focusing on their key contacts for business and relationship development. It is common strategy for pipeline development to make a certain number of calls weekly, seekingface time with those in the position to make decisions on the services we offer. .. read more


When it’s Time to Uproot

One of the things that shakes my values is the Bible. This isn’t going to be a rant on religion or Christianity – simply a focus on everything being acceptable. I hope you get my point in a few minutes.  If you are a regular reader, you know that about 5 days ago we moved, .. read more


Yes, you can gain visibility

As an introverted business professional, I am challenged by the need to be seen. Maybe not by everyone everywhere, yet I need to be seen by those I am most able to help – attorneys. I need to be visible where attorneys are. Although people who know me question whether I am an introvert, I .. read more

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Embracing the Artist

A colleague of mine once said, “My artist side kicked in and gave me survival skills.” She had been sharing her professional journey, alerting me to her distaste for corporate life, and her need to step out on her own. Mentioning her recent vacation, she was quick to point out her interest in gathering together .. read more

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