Your Communication Can Help You Transform Your Work Environment

My final year of teaching high school shifted from being the worst-ever to the ultimate. Although I simply thought it was because the students grew up – I learned it was really about how I humbled myself into communicating well. Or another way of putting it, I improved my leadership-by-speech. That final year – 2000 .. read more

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When it comes to breaking down communication barriers

Those of you who know me or have been reading my posts already know I am a product of my own life lessons. An introvert, I used to believe I was a flawed communicator and now understand that I simply communicate differently from the majority. Those of you who can relate understand what I mean .. read more

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Practice People Management

A relatively young client of mine amazes me with his ability to address and manage his employees. Recently he shared his experience handling an accountability issue. Quickly after a circumstance happened regarding broken follow-through, he addressed the employees separately and called them on their breach. A good guy with decent rapport-building skills, he did not .. read more

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Even we introverts should go with our gut!

When it comes to communicating, I understand. There is such value to slowing down, thinking, adjusting the words we use and carefully delivering our message. We introverts are quite used to behaving this way. But it needn’t be the ONLY way we respond. Sometimes our impact is enhanced when we go with our gut. When I was  .. read more

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The Best Grow Faster

Have you noticed it’s those who are really good in certain areas who get help in those given areas? For instance, I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of good speakers who have begun asking me for help. They know what it’s like to be good but aspire to be great. Attorneys, you can .. read more

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The Value of Understanding Yourself

This morning I had difficulty getting out of bed, and even more difficulty keeping up with my workout partner while we were out walking. Several years ago I was monitoring my tennis playing technique and realized it takes me forever to leave the service line after I serve to my opponent. I spend so much time in .. read more

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Print Resources for Self Growth

Here are 4 of the best resources I have grown from over the course of my professional career. Lawyers, how would these apply for you? Think & Grow Rich by Napolean HillFrom this book I was inspired to create Master Mind groups, some that I now call Business Owner Accountability Groups (for the small business owner) and Solo .. read more

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Lawyers: Pack Your Mental Diet with 3 Ingredients

The first week of August (2 weeks ago), I was away for a camping vacation. During that time I set aside my Blackberry and disconnected from my regular communication with the world. I felt a bit as though I had stepped into a boat to get to the other side of the lake, away from .. read more

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Who Around You is Worthy of Good Treatment

Our weekend guests, Amanda and Aaron, will be in their 4th year at Ball State University where they each are working toward their degrees in music education. As they were reflecting on insights gleaned of late, one comment surfaced: “It’s now clear that we treat the school librarians well. They can be the ones buying .. read more

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Merri’s Tips – Part 5

30. Make Monday a really good day. Get going early, focused on the priorities for the day vs. your email or social media accounts. The results you bring in on Monday set the tone for the week. So get a jump on things right away, feel good about your results, and drive the same discipline and focus .. read more

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