Get Clear

Once you are clear about your practice, commit it to writing and passionately communicate it to those inside and out. Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Attorney   It took me several years to get clarity about my business focus. After I moved on from teaching high school speech, communication and theatre, I entered an exploratory phase .. read more

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Keep the Fire Going

I have spent the past few weeks on the topic of vision with clients. Point being, when we connect to our vision, we remember our motivation. And with motivation, we prioritize and commit to our actions despite the barriers that get in our way. Having difficulty focusing on your vision right now? Let’s take 60 seconds .. read more

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What You See is What You Get

It pays to decide on attainable goals, and it really pays to write them down. This focus leads us to steady progress. Already I know I have 4  months that will exceed my goals for next year, and my current focus is to get the other 8 months in line. Yet when I heard from .. read more

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Sit still.

Stop the busy-ness. Sit still. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Now think about the folks you really enjoy talking to, hanging out with or listening to. Are you smiling? If not, would you be, if you really stopped the busy-ness? Earlier this week I wrote about what motivates us to respond to invitations,  as well .. read more

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Yes, You Can Get over Presentation Anxiety

One of the ways people are taught to get over their fears is simply by facing them. Hence – just do it. If that’s the best we have for addressing presentation anxiety, it’s not enough. Eventhough I, too, have offered quick fixes with the confident by tomorrow morning approach, tactics like this address circumstantial-, not .. read more

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Our Biggest Relief: 5 Barrier Patterns We Introverts Hide Behind

Like many introverts, I tend to be very chatty – in my head. Most of the time my chatter is comparing myself to others, usually seeing others as being better, faster, smarter and more good-looking. Stuart Smalley, I am not. In a conversation with an experienced litigator, I heard a remark this week that didn’t .. read more

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Priority Management – a heady chore

For many professionals, Friday is a day to soften the load. We try to leave the office early, schedule events into the day to break up the disciplined focus and look for distractions before Monday rolls around and we’re tied to our tasks again. But for the entrepreneur, the focused business builder and professional trying to .. read more


Emotions have a place, when handled

An introvert, I used to try to conceal my emotions, afraid they would show a weakness. Then I watched some of my favorite performers and realized another perspective. Emotions have a place, when handled. My desire was to learn how to gain control of emotions, then appropriately pull people into my conversations. Although I wanted people to .. read more


If you like the 70′s

This morning the Toledo Eleven news tweeted, “If you liked the 70′s, they are back. Not bell bottoms and disco, but milder temps.” What a welcome relief! Not because I dislike bell bottoms or disco (loved them back in the day!) but because I so enjoy the cooler, milder temperatures. In milder temperatures I am .. read more

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When We Are Deliberate

I used to direct an exercise called “Enter the Room” with actors as a reminder of human behavior in given locations. “Enter the room as though you’ve never been there before.” “Now enter the room as though it’s familiar.” “What changed?” Usually the actors would shift from observation mode to purpose. For instance, in the .. read more

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