Flowing into an Introvert’s Short Bursts

Tomorrow is going to be a pivotal day for me and my band, No Excuses. We have another gig at the People Called Women Bookstore in Toledo, and before that we will be spending a few hours in a recording studio. We’re working on our first cd of original work! That’s so exciting to me. .. read more

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On December 9th, 2011, posted in: flow, happiness, introvert, short bursts by

We love structure!

I so enjoy the picture on this post. As a work of art it is compelling, focused and fun. I love the structure and where it takes my eyes. Not always do I enjoy structure. I don’t like being confined to a desk, told what to do and how to do it. But when it .. read more

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On December 8th, 2011, posted in: introvert, networking, structure by

From Security Blanket to Sport Coat

Yesterday’s Rethink the Security Blanket post introduced the idea Linus Van Pelt shares in Snowflakes of adjusting from wrapping his security blanket around him to donning himself in its splendor. As introverts, we usually wrap ourselves up in the blanket to avoid moving forward in social settings that make us feel anxious. We can take some .. read more

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On December 7th, 2011, posted in: conviction, introvert, meaning, progress by

Rethink the Security Blanket

I love seasonal Charlie Brown clips, especially the Christmas ones. But you have to see this opener with Charlie Brown and the gang called Snowflakes. The clip opens with the gang enjoying the freshly falling snowflakes. In it, Linus’s skills at target practice also stand out. Lucy, not wanting to be undone by her younger, blanket-toting sibling, flings .. read more

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On December 6th, 2011, posted in: introvert, perspective, Security blanket by

Mission Possible

As my readers know, I’ve written about ways to celebrate the introvert over the past several weeks. I understand their struggles with extroverted behaviors, especially as attorneys and other service professionals who need to develop strong client and network relationships. I am also an introvert. And I have a mission to help introverts share their .. read more

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On December 2nd, 2011, posted in: introvert, Master Mind, public speaking by

E. F. Hutton moments

I was born in 1960, so growing up in the 70’s I often saw TV commercials capitalizing on the power of E.F. Hutton’s people engagement. I guess that meant he was wise, said few words and was deeply respected. He was a quiet leader. If you’d like to have fun with the 1970’s TV commercial, click .. read more

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On November 29th, 2011, posted in: introvert, leadership, quiet style by

Validation or Education – Which feedback do you want?

We watched her struggle through her presentation, rambling on about the points she thought she should make, voicing thoughts and finding examples, yet not sold on anything herself. Her stream of consciousness speaking, evident by her inner-focus and demonstrated by her commitment to talking through her thoughts, gave her the chance to produce some poignant, .. read more

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On November 21st, 2011, posted in: clarity, extroverts, feedback, introvert, willingness by

Introvert Energy Needs

I’ve been keeping to a disciplined schedule of early morning blogging, exercise and then on to my day of appointments/research/marketing, etc. Add to this the evening networking and then reading for research and that brings the “No, not yet!” response when the 4:30 alarm goes off prior to the same schedule that includes an early .. read more

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On November 8th, 2011, posted in: discipline, energy, introvert by

6 Tips to Developing Business with Public Speaking

This business development post from 2011, still resonates today. The last thing an introvert wants to hear is the value of public speaking because it’s such an energy drain. Yet as business developers, even introverts confess, the best way to gain clients is through creating and developing relationships. And standing in front of a group .. read more

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