The Biggest Void in the Law Professsion

In the 5 years I have been supporting the attorney profession, I have noticed there is something commonly overlooked with regards to professional development. The biggest void in professional skill development for attorneys is in an area that ranks in the top 3 needs of their profession. Those top 3: public speaking, research and writing. .. read more

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Why I Speak and Other Introverts Should, Too

Every time I speak I feel like a duck. Cool and collected above water while “paddling like hell” underneath! But that’s not why I speak. I remember when I went to my first speech class in high school. My hands were sweaty, my spine felt like jello and I thought I was going to pass .. read more

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Make Your Thoughts Count

As a friend of mine recently told me, “Your thoughts don’t count unless you share them.” We introverts are often go-to people, but this cannot happen unless we first prove that we have thoughts worth paying attention to. And to do so, we must get out of our own way. We must speak up. Take .. read more

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Step Up

I get asked to do things that stretch me. No doubt, you do, too. Maybe it’s being a guest speaker in a webinar, a coach for a  new audience of professionals I haven’t experienced before, or even customize a topic for a presentation. My first reaction is usually, “gosh, am I good enough?”. And by .. read more

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The Confidence Continuum.

I used to be in awe of public speakers with vibrant energy, entertaining content and a sparkle in their eyes, especially when I was teaching and wanted to speak more. Then I shifted from the classroom to a business career. That’s when my admiration went to those who sell seemingly without anxiety. Clearly, I was constantly .. read more

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Emotions have a place, when handled

An introvert, I used to try to conceal my emotions, afraid they would show a weakness. Then I watched some of my favorite performers and realized another perspective. Emotions have a place, when handled. My desire was to learn how to gain control of emotions, then appropriately pull people into my conversations. Although I wanted people to .. read more

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Can’t speak up in time? Try this.

Consider the last time you were attending a meeting. One of the agenda topics gets a few comments from other attendees, then a conclusion is reached and the facilitator moves on to the next topic. More comments are shared. Now you reach a point in your head that you wish you had expressed on the .. read more

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Introverts and Extroverts Value Their Contacts

Who are you connecting with this week? My Master Mind groups this month have been focusing on their key contacts for business and relationship development. It is common strategy for pipeline development to make a certain number of calls weekly, seekingface time with those in the position to make decisions on the services we offer. .. read more

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What Your Audiences Fear #2

Yesterday’s post addressed the number one fear of audiences – speakers wasting their time. Today’s fear is a very close second. Audiences fear when we speakers focus on things they don’t understand. As a past high school teacher, I remember the number of times I did this in my own classroom. It’s painful for students to sit .. read more

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Why We Introverts Must Learn to Ask

One of my hardest lessons in life has been asking for help. I recall times during my high school years I would attend county fairs with friends with a limited amount of money in my pocket. So much to do with a little bit of money – eat great foods, ride thrilling rides or play .. read more

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