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Get Ready to Respond

The issue We never know when we will be asked to speak but we do know we prefer to be ready. How it could apply to you This could occur during a meeting. Maybe our section leader asks us to give an update on a case or project. How do we want to appear? We .. read more


You may be surprised who wants practice speaking

I remember when a global law firm reached out to engage me for delivering a conversation workshop to its summer interns. “They need to have the social skills to quickly meet and communicate within the firm as well as demonstrate confidence in their abilities should we want them around longer.” I got it. Makes sense, .. read more

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If only my folks had more confidence

Do you have at least 5 people in your firm you’d like to promote if only they had more confidence? Maybe you have someone almost ready to take the first chair on some upcoming litigation, but they doubt themselves You want to delegate a speaking engagement at your industry conference to someone who has been .. read more

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I Can’t Believe I Just…

embarrassed myself said what I did stood there and let someone walk all over me choked in front of my audience rambled on Been there before? Of course you have. Why do I say “of course”? Because we have all experienced the “I Can’t Believe I Just” moments. Just when we wanted to be relaxed, .. read more


This is the year to enhance a priority skill

You know the need to have strong writing and research skills. You probably also know that your public speaking skills are your career maker. While you take continual CLE’s in your practice area, in updating your understanding of and ability to get success in your practice area, you no doubt stay up on best practices .. read more


Find your voice

When you think of great public speakers, what comes to mind? Is there a particular image that comes to you? A delivery style? If so, hopefully it’s your own. Unfortunately, most of us feel others are better speakers than we are. We make this comparison based on our experience of feeling anxious when all eyes .. read more

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Attorneys Who Articulate – part 1

Most attorneys are known for their writing skills. Some are also orally articulate. Do you wish to be well understood? Then work to become an Articulate Attorney. One of the most important things governing the quality of our voices when we speak is how well we articulate the sounds – how well we shape the .. read more

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Step Up

I get asked to do things that stretch me. No doubt, you do, too. Maybe it’s being a guest speaker in a webinar, a coach for a  new audience of professionals I haven’t experienced before, or even customize a topic for a presentation. My first reaction is usually, “gosh, am I good enough?”. And by .. read more


The Confidence Continuum.

I used to be in awe of public speakers with vibrant energy, entertaining content and a sparkle in their eyes, especially when I was teaching and wanted to speak more. Then I shifted from the classroom to a business career. That’s when my admiration went to those who sell seemingly without anxiety. Clearly, I was constantly .. read more


What Your Audiences Fear

When I first started speaking in front of attorneys, I feared they would not value topics in communication. Why? I didn’t relate to their world. Their training, their intelligence, their experiences all seemed a world apart from mine. Could I position the value I experience in such a way as to relate to them? If .. read more

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