In House Public Speaking Counsel

What is an In House Public Speaking Counsel?

You get up to 20 hours monthly of Merri’s council (observing and coaching or constructive feedback) regarding your teams’

Courtroom confidence

Presentation style

Networking effectiveness/strategy

Other communication/public speaking activities of your executive team, litigators, associates, new hires

What’s in it for you?

Public speaking is one of the 3 top skills for attorneys (along with writing and research) yet few firms have a plan to develop their professionals in this essential leadership quality.

You get on-going professional development on what matters most to those paying attention to you and your people – how you come across and what experience you create. You build internal trust and motivation as your coached team takes their public speaking to the everyday level – relationship effectiveness. Your clients feel better about how you relate to them and address challenges and you appreciate the ability to demonstrate confidence in the moment.

Here are the details:

You enter an in-house counsel retainer for 6 months.

With this retainer you get support for litigators, both new and experienced, and of associates and partners of any practice area. You and Merri determine the roll-out frequency of observing your team in action, small group coaching and individual support.

You and Merri determine the best use of the 20 hours monthly:

  • observation (moots, hearings, arguments, CLE presentations, etc.)
  • coaching (honing message, delivery, authenticity, connection, etc.)
  • training (individual, small group, new hires, etc.)
  • debriefing (strengths, weaknesses, tips)

You pay $2,500 monthly.

Pay now for first month (by paying for the first month, you are committing to a 6 month agreement at $2500/month)

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