In House Public Speaking Counsel

Why an In House Public Speaking Counsel?

What matters most to folks paying attention to your firm’s attorneys and other representatives is how they come across and how they feel as a result.

Public speaking is one of the 3 top skills for attorneys (along with writing and research) yet few firms have a plan to develop their professionals in this essential leadership, trust-building and influence-creating skill set.

Align with Merri as your In House Public Speaking Counsel and she will facilitate development that aids your pick of the following:

  • Courtroom confidence
  • Presentation style
  • Networking effectiveness/strategy
  • Client satisfaction
  • Other communication/public speaking activities of your executive team, litigators, associates, new hires

What’s in it for you?

You enhance the impact your people make on the public while affecting client attraction, engagement, retention and business development. 

Even better, you turn the details over to Merri.

Here are the details: 

Your involvement: You share with Merri your story of who your people are, what your corporate mission is and how they have publicly responded to support it. You agree to connecting her with the appropriate people and communicating the need for committed follow through. You agree to a 6-month, renewable retainer, paying only $2,500 monthly.

Merri determines: 

  • observation needs
  • coaching needs
  • training needs
  • debriefing needs

and then acts on the needs.

Interested in helping your team stand out, publicly? Fill in form.

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