In House Public Speaking Counsel

Designed for law firms, yet proven to be extremely useful for other professionals, this service is for those who want to rest assured their public speaking needs will be met, when they most need themThis is their “on-call public speaking support” known better as their In House Public Speaking Counsel.

Why an In House Public Speaking Counsel?

Your firm really does want to make a difference to your clients, your community and your profession. It’s a purposeful investment.

What makes a difference to your network is how your people come across and how your network feels as a result. Whether we’re talking about your network being your clients, judges, referral sources or even co-workers, your folks’ communication style either attracts trust and willingness to work together, or not.

Public speaking is one of the 3 top skills for attorneys (along with writing and research) yet few firms have a plan to develop their professionals in this essential leadership, trust-building and influence-creating skill set. If your firm has operated without a plan, how your people come across is left to chance, and so is the future of your firm.

With an In House Public Speaking Counsel you have an outside observer, skilled communication-style expert, public speaking/leadership communication/business development/oratory expert on call. This means if you don’t have time to arrange for a training program, or to seek what’s currently available for your folks when something comes up, you can still have a ready resource to respond to your needs.

Align with Merri as your In House Public Speaking Counsel and she will facilitate support and development that enhances any of the following:

  • Courtroom confidence
  • Presentation style
  • Networking effectiveness/strategy
  • Client satisfaction
  • Other communication/public speaking activities of your executive team, litigators, associates, new hires

What’s in it for you?

You enhance the impact your people make on the public while affecting client attraction, business engagement, business retention and business development. And what you get through the process is a team that now operates with self-confidence, with clarity and making the connections you need them to make to whomever matters most.

Even better, you turn over the details of how to solve the problem to Merri at a pre-set price.

What are the details?

Your involvement:

  • You share with Merri your story of who your people are, what your mission is and how your people have responded to support it.
  • You connect Merri with your firm’s practice group leaders/professional development directors, communicating the need for committed follow through on enhancing your team’s impact.
  • You agree to 6 or 12 months of In-House Public Speaking Counsel.

BDB involvement:

  • meet with appropriate leaders
  • determine candidates to observe; observe
  • diagnose needs; determine solutions
  • execute agreed-upon solutions
  • repeat as needed

Interested in helping your team stand out with enhanced communication skills?

To have the opportunity to enhance your attorneys’ skills that make the most difference to their observers, Contact Merri. Rest assured your team’s public speaking needs will be met, when they most need them. You have In House Public Speaking Counsel!

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