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What lawyers gain from communication skill development:

Those in the legal profession who find the most success have not only developed their professional knowledge and skill sets, they develop their communication skills. Lawyers want and need influence with their clients, their opponents and their business community. To gain this influence, the best lawyers address their communication – all three areas:

Intrapersonal skills
– how they manage themselves, their tasks, their self-talk and their follow through

Interpersonal skills
– how they communicate, gain awareness of what’s important to those they’re with, how they respond, and how they develop trusting relationships

Public speaking skills
– how they step out to speak up, whether in the courtroom, in front of referral sources or prospects or peers

Partners or Associates?

Lawyers don’t need to be motivated to make partner to benefit from these communication areas. They benefit from developed communication skills at any level in their profession by gaining a daily sense of self which keeps them focused on their priorities, or by understanding their impact on their clients/practice group/other trusted relationships, or by taking risks in moments of courage that enhance their credibility or create awe with shifts of perspective within their community.

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