Individual Communication Coaching

We all face communication barriers

  • we can’t get through to some people
  • we hesitate to speak up
  • we feel wishy-washy in our sharing
  • we push or over-talk

but we want to finally break through these difficulties. We need peace of mind, pride and pleasure in how we handle our communication, because how we communicate leads us to the results we’re after.

Instead of communication anxiety, what could you have if you were to break down communication barriers?

For starters, you would learn what your unique communication assets are while I coach you to focus on the basics.

  • Basic 1  Focus on Self – all variables that are in play for your work to be successful vs disastrous
  • Basic 2  Focus on Listeners – how to connect to attract vs isolate
  • Basic 3  Focus on Message – how to communicate effectively vs confuse/overwhelm

Sound simple? It’s not. While basic, these three areas govern how we prefer to communicate, why we often erect barriers and through our coaching relationship you learn just how to break down these barriers, time and again.

Coaching minimum is 6 months. And imagine what results you will get!

Whether you want to improve your networking and business development, to gain more trust and credibility within your firm, to improve your influence in court or with clients, or to enhance your career, breaking down communication barriers will help get you there.


Schedule 10-minute call with Merri to discuss or fill in form on Contact page.

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