Master Mind Groups

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich believed that when like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals get together, they leverage each other’s business success. Two or more minds create synergy that evolves into a “third mind” or master mind.

Feel like you’re coming up with all the answers and tired of it? Shift from Minding your own business to Master Minding it.  In essence, establish your own board of directors.

Merri will help you start your own group.

In 3 months time turn it over to you and your members to  run with. Gain collective insight, encouragement and accountability from a team of people just like you. Get relief from having to think of all the answers to your business development – leverage your master mind collective brain trust, instead!

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Want to join an existing group?

Let Merri know. She will find out more about you, who you are the best fit with and contact you regarding the available openings.

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