Single Event Presentation Coaching

Give your attorneys an advantage other firms’ attorneys don’t have.


Offer them a chance to practice their message and get individual coaching from someone outside the industry.

Your speakers will not only get familiar with their message. They will learn more about their style, what works and how to enhance the impact.

How Single Event Presentation Coaching works:

Client arranges for group coaching (all are present while Merri coaches each person, acts as audience to share support/feedback) or individual coaching (each person given amount of time exclusively with Merri).

Individuals involved give either prepared message or speak 0ff-the-cuff, or both.

Merri observes and shares unique strengths of each presenter. She suggests ways to increase use of strengths for enhanced confidence and influence and then creates opportunity for immediate application. Finally, Merri helps presenters identify take-aways for future application.

Half Day workshop

Full Day workshop

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