Merri’s Peer Presentation Group program…
“The opportunity to practice speaking consistently was very helpful because opportunities for public speaking are somewhat rare, and opportunities for feedback on the public speaking even more rare. It was also helpful to watch my peers speak and see what worked and what didn’t work.”
“It was helpful to be under the gun and to have to get creative with each topic. Most importantly, rehearsing and speaking was the invaluable practice that made the program worthwhile.”

“It is much more difficult to speak to your colleagues than to strangers. This challenge made for a very beneficial aspect of the program.”

“Each topic was generalized to be applicable to each presenter. There was a focus on a speaking competency or strategy to work on but the presentation topics could be tailored to your job duties. I was able to create and rehearse presentations that I can use in the future.”
“Getting up in front of the group on a somewhat regular basis was very helpful. Practice gets results.”
“I have techniques, and a sense of structure now that I did not posses before going through PPG. The challenge now is to be consistently effective in communicating a message. I am confident that I can do this, but only time will tell if that turns out to be the case.”
Merri as a presentation coach…

“Merri provides tremendous insight into my speaking style and how to make it more effective.”

“I wished there were more required coaching sessions.”

Merri as  a presenter…
“I attended the presentation, Courtroom Confidence, by Merri Bame and Steve Chappelear on behalf of the Columbus (Ohio) Bar Association on September 11, 2012. It was the best seminar experience that I have had in years. 
Charley Hess, Dublin, Ohio
Merri brings a passion to her presentationsincluding Master Mind Your Own Businessthat makes learning exciting and attractive.”
Jim Canterucci, Westerville, Ohio
“I was already inspired with ideas about how to alleviate some of my challenges within 2 MINUTES of Merri’s Master Mind Your Own Business!”
Anonymous attendee

“Merri did a nice job presenting It’s Your Business to Speak! at Central Ohio Coaches Association. She not only shared some valuable content, her delivery was engaging!”

Patrick Donadio, MBA, CSP, Business Communication Coach and Certified Speaking Professional 

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