“I attended the presentation, Courtroom Confidence, by Merri Bame and Steve Chappelear on behalf of the Columbus (Ohio) Bar Association on September 11, 2012. It was the best seminar experience that I have had in years. 
   Merri’s style is the major reason.  She was at the same time professional and informal/relaxed.  Her topic, which, in part, deals with relaxing while speaking to a group (jury), is personified in her presentation.  As a listener, I found myself also relaxed yet anticipating what she would next say.  The “timing” of her delivery is attributable no doubt to her training in the disciplines of theatre and acting which I understand is her background.
    Steve is a seasoned trial attorney with excellent skills in delivery to an audience, and he is also pleasureable to hear.  He had a limited role, though, because Merri was the lead speaker.  I noticed an irony with Steve’s part of the seminar. 
    The topic also focused on an aspect of “control” vis a vis preparation for and the conduct of trials.  Steve performed well despite  the irony that his role required his relinquishing control as he turned the presentation over to Merri!  So, an observant attorney-attendee had the opportunity to learn two things: how to implement Merri’s suggestions of control over a presentation and how to ‘let go’ when the situation calls for it.  I have learned that sometimes in a trial ‘letting go’ can bring about a desirable result even when the temptation of  ‘controlling’ presents itself.
    I recommend highly a trial attorney’s attending Steve and Merri’s BDB Seminar.”
Charley Hess, Dublin, Ohio
Merri brings a passion to her presentationsincluding Master Mind Your Own Businessthat makes learning exciting and attractive.”
Jim Canterucci, Westerville, Ohio
“I was already inspired with ideas about how to alleviate some of my challenges within 2 MINUTES of Merri’s Master Mind Your Own Business!”

Anonymous attendee

“Merri did a nice job presenting It’s Your Business to Speak! at Central Ohio Coaches Association. She not only shared some valuable content, her delivery was engaging!”

Patrick Donadio, MBA, CSP
Business Communication Coach and 
Certified Speaking Professional