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Helping Lawyers Break Down Communication Barriers and Get What They Want

If you are like most attorneys, your communication skills are extremely important to you. How you think, speak, listen, and observe non-verbals all contribute to your communication results. You build barriers or you break them down, no matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert. .

John, an introvert like most attorneys, came to BDB for coaching because he wanted clarity in what to say and how to operate when networking. Before working together he hit barrier after barrier, stumbling with initiating conversation, breaking into groups or knowing what was expected of him. What he got from BDB individual coaching was clarity of how to "get out there" and resulting confidence.

Richard was in many ways a leader, experienced in his practice and a model for his network. People assumed he was breaking barriers down. They didn't know getting up in front of groups was a mental challenge that forced him to shut down. An introvert, Richard came to BDB for individual presentation coaching with the need for confidence because of a desire to take advantage of more opportunities. Through BDB individual coaching he learned clarity of focus and confidence which led to his saying yes to opportunities and greater self-worth.

Linda was described by others as driven, focused and in charge, which didn't always create the impact she wanted. She wanted results that helped her connect with people . From BDB's individual coaching Linda's view of her extroverted self and her view of those around her shifted. In a short time Linda lead, negotiated, and influenced in ways that gave her powerful results that motivated action in listeners but most importantly helped her feel purposeful and confident.

If you want to start breaking down communication barriers contact Merri for individual communication coaching. You'll get what you want, and more.

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