2013 communication

This may not be your firm’s time for planning budgets, yet as you  move into December it can be a strategic time for you to both plan and practice how to communicate in the next year – regarding your relationship building, your marketing, your self-management and follow-through.

Plan how to communicate? Yes.

When we enter any experience with a plan, especially in how to communicate, we leave it with a higher probability of feeling better about ourselves AND those we are with.

My presentation coaching clients feel incredible about their presentation experiences when they have planned their focus in advance, prepared themselves mentally and practiced it on their feet. Like most practical experiences, the ones we have walked through in advance– which creates both an emotional and physical memory – give us a recall. Presenters with recall, among other things, have confidence.

Have you ever given a talk more than once? Then you know what I mean. Not all the variables are the same every time we give a talk more than once, but at least with recall of the content flow, going into the next experience we have familiarity and confidence about what we are doing. Simply because we have practiced.

So consider what your days would be like if you planned this communication in advance.

  • how you manage your employees
  • how you communicate with your clients
  • how you  respond to your practice group team members

Planning your communication in advance – just like planning for the year’s financial, recreational, professional development and health goals – gives you a chance to reflect on, decide on and focus on something HUGELY  important to you and your career.

Your communication style – slow or quick to respond; task- or people-focused; critical or encouraging; etc. – is the single most important asset for you and your daily experiences, let alone your career.

What will your communication be like in 2013?

What impact do you wish to make? At best, you have 19 days to practice the communication you want to maintain before the work days of 2013 starts.


So get started. Think about your communication. Then make some decisions. If you’d like some assistance with this somewhat uncommon process, let me know.

Because if you are actually planning your communication for 2013, you deserve support. You will, without a doubt, see a mark-able difference in your professional results.



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