Understand Your Communication Style, Grow Your Business

We know whether we like speaking or not, how we feel about group activity and whether we’re willing to have challenging conversations. With those feelings firmly rooted, we become selective about activity that builds business. Either we run out and get in front of people because we like to or we stay at our desk and reach out passively through email and social media.

In doing one or the other, we leave ourselves on the table, so to speak. Each of us has a skill set or two that doesn’t get exercised when we choose activities based on our comfort. We fall into any of 4 communication style groups: the Doer, the Influencer, the Steadfast, and the Conscientious. All of them are high in value. And each has flaws. For sake of quick reference, I’ll just pick on one of them to explore the limitations of staying within our comfortable group of the 4.

For instance, the Driver/Doer style gets great results with activity that gets the “out there”. Just count the number of events, phone calls and appointments the D gets and notice them outshining others. But results with people aren’t the same as results with task.

What D’s leave behind is either the patience to allow trust and interest to develop or the willingness to understand and relate to listeners. Are D’s capable? Yes. But deferring to their comfort, they often stay focused on just getting out and doing.

When they learn more about their individual style and what they are leaving on the table based on their abilities, they, like any of us, can rapidly gain traction. It doesn’t take much. They are results- focused and can be the top contributors to business development. But it takes learning how to put themselves fully into the process.

Our communication style is based on comfort and habit. Often we are confident to share what’s on our minds, but it’s based on who we’re with and what we know about the topic. Often we are able to get to the point effectively, but sometimes we fumble around, too focused on the discomfort to trust anything else. Often we are able to relate to those around us, but sometimes it’s based on doing our homework, on shifting our internal doubts about being able to relate or on just relaxing into conversation.

With understanding of our communication styles, we become familiar with our patterns, experience how to manage them, and in turn, how to grow through them and into others. This knowledge and practice allow us to make more effective phone calls, network with confidence, present meaningfully to audiences, get clear about terms of client agreements and follow through no matter what individuals/tasks/fears challenge us.

This means D’s=doers, and the three other communication styles (I’s = influencers, S’s = steadfast, C’s = conscientious) all are able to develop and manage business in ways that used to give them challenges.

With fresh insight on what your communication assets are and how to tweak them your business grows as

1. You come across with confidence

2. You give a clear, comprehensive message

3. You relate to your listeners, engaging them in your ideas

If you want to learn about the patterns of your communication style and the impact it makes on your business and life, contact me .

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