3 energies that impact any work environment

A few years ago I explored the topic of Highly Sensitive People when I picked up Elaine Aron’s book from the library. The title and topic made an impact on me, for I have a need for quiet, calm, tranquil environments. When in these environments I get focus and clarity. Seeing a book with a label like this immediately gave me a connection to a group of people I assumed I belong in. Now that I’ve read it I can affirm membership in this category. (If you are feeling the same way, I recommend you find a copy of Aron’s book and/or workbook to gain insight for yourself as well.)

Sensitive person or not, there are 3 energies at work in all workplaces that will affect you. Without knowing this, all we can say for sure is, we are experiencing something that gives us hope or that saps us. But knowing these energies we can monitor and address them for best results.

3 Energies at Work in the Workplace

Working Conditions: Lighting, space, warmth, coolness, organization, cleanliness all make a person and their body respond. Whether out of comfort, ability to focus, or sense of respect, these elements affect our subconscious which directly impacts our attitude.

For many individuals, working conditions make all the difference to their attitude. In reality, this is a major energy that impacts people’s ability to focus, feel respected, feel connected and sense morale. It impacts our choice to and our willingness to think.

Responsibilities: This is the second strongest workplace energy. We need to know what people expect of us. We need to feel confident we can follow through with our responsibilities. Our overall ability to execute comes from this energy.

People: The strongest energy in the environment, this affects our willingness to connect. When this energy is positive, management, individuals and teams enjoy spending time together, even when the conditions are lacking and responsibilities are tough. The more positive each of the energies are, the better overall result. Yet those who are in good conditions taking on responsibilities they are confident in can be ineffective if the people energy is negative.

The most important of all energies, this one is influenced by leaders – not only in title, but in power. The most powerful/influential will set the tone in the workplace. Monitor and address these 3 energies to produce the best thinking, connecting and executing.

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