3 Q’s to Strengthen Your Conviction

You’ve experienced it before. After speaking out to influence your listeners, someone approaches you with, “Yea, I heard what you said, but…”

This has certainly happened to me. And these are the times I have done one of two things: I walked away shaking my head that they just don’t get it or hitting my head against wall to the tune of what did I do wrong?

Listener skepticism is more often based on

my relying on

past conversations, past responses or facts

that although I had carefully thought out,

I hadn’t delivered with conviction.

So to refuel my convictions, so much so that my listeners are too attentive to the mood and energy I portray to fall into skepticism, I return to 3 key questions I learned from Ron Willingham of Integrity Selling. These questions bring me back to why I think what I think, do what I do, say what I say.

3 Conviction Questions

  1. Why should someone be influenced by ME?
  2. What’s the extra value I provide once they are?
  3. Why would I be influenced by ME?

Answer these questions to get back to your convictions. And go deep with them.For instance, there is more than one question behind #1.

Why should someone be influenced by me? Well, because I have their best interest at heart.

Why? Because I can relate to being put on the spot and not knowing how to handle the moment.

Why? Because I, too, have tried to do things outside my “cave” – my safe place where I would rather hide away than face unpredictable moments.

Why? I have come out of my cave because staying there doesn’t work for business development, relationship trust or confidence-building.

Approach all three questions the same why, uncovering the Why until you get to the basest, core answer. This speaks to your convictions. The exercise brings clarity and rejuvenation. If you want to tap your conviction, to fuel it before delivering a message, answer the 3 questions for yourself.

reflection balls

These questions help us uncover answers that pull us away from everyday, in-our-head activity. These conviction questions give us a means to explore hope, uncover benefit and then to behave in such a way that our unspoken message matches our words, giving listeners the chance to experience our true value.

When you take the time to answer each of these questions determine what emotions you feel. Remember them.

Type, print and post these questions so they stay visible to you. Reflect on them prior to conducting business on a Monday, as well as any other day. Keep them handy for when you are feeling mentally or emotionally challenged. They will calm you to handle the chaos around you and refuel your awareness of who you are and what you have to offer.

Now that you have strengthened your convictions, get out there and speak with confidence!

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