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If you’re in professional services, you can mix recycling your computers with creating community good will. Although many of us are concerned about personal information getting into the wrong hands, the risk/responsibility increases with client data stored on our hard drives. When we replace our hardware every 3-4 years, we must be cautious. Thank goodness Columbus has a place we needn’t be concerned about data security.

The Community Computer Alliance, started by Dan Hurst, bridges the gap between technology and community. This non-profit organization recycles all computer hardward, softward and accessories. With the mission making technology available to the community that needs it most,  CCA takes your old computers and components and refurbishes them, then donates computers to low income families, disabled individuals and senior citizens.

The biggest concern for any of us when it comes to recycling venues is, what happens to the data stored on the hard drives? Can someone lift personal, client or business information stored there? Should I kill what’s on my hard drive somehow prior to giving away my pieces of technology? There certainly are horror stories of this happening, yet that has driven Dan Hurst to take responsible steps. He ensures that all of your important data will be deleted according to national standards.

So if you’re thinking of washing your hard drive in a bath of water before tossing it into the trash heap, think again. The air-tight nature of the hard drive doesn’t allow your data to be erased. Throwing away the hard drive then puts it into insecure hands, keeping Dan’s process from working while giving the hardware to someone not interested in protecting you or others. And don’t think drilling holes into it is any more effective. That keeps Dan from effectively cleaning the hard drive and refurbishing the parts.

Once CCA collects their technology, they offer a refurbishment program for recipients of the computers. This includes training individuals in how to build, trouble-shoot and maintain the computers they are given. CCA’s program is a community service that puts people back to work while giving them tools they need today!

So what does this mean to us? Dan needs our computers to get people back to work. With 4 drop off locations around Columbus, we have quality choices for removing our technology while assisting the needy with meaningful work and tools to support them within secure environments. Our old computers and laptops now have a secure home that becomes a catalyst for community growth. Want to help out the community? Clean out your closets and back rooms.

If there is a corner in your office/closet that has computers or printers or keyboards gathering dust,  click on Dan Hurst for the drop-off location nearest you. And for 25 or more items, pick up is available.

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  1. We would also like to mention that along with being a Microsoft authorized refurbisher we are licensed and bonded.

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