A Week of Miracles

In Christian beliefs and traditions, this is a week of miracles. Thousands of years ago humanity was given a gift that proves we don’t have to be good enough. In a few days we will once again celebrate God sending Jesus from heaven to earth to save us from our imperfections.

But the miracles are not over. The gift of Jesus continues to offer freedom from not being good enough. This gift is good today, and every day. All we must do is believe.

What this means is Jesus is not the only miracle. So are we. From birth until death. We overcome odds that don’t make sense. We demonstrate compassion even to those who aren’t used to getting it. We see things anew simply by hearing another’s perspective. Because of our beliefs and the beliefs of others.

If a miracle were to enter your life today, what would it be related to? A challenge you’re going through? An action you’re not used to handling well? A relationship that seems immovable?

You may think there is no room for a miracle around this circumstance. But there is. Just believe. And let your thoughts and actions around this belief, show.

Merry Christmas and happy new year of belief.

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