About Merri

Merri taught speech, theater and communication, managing a classroom for 16 years before learning of the number of barriers she built in her communication – in her case, based on her introversion and focusing on its negative vs positive attributes. That uncomfortable revelation led her to experiencing her own gifts and then to start BDB (Breaking Down Barriers to) Communication in the year 2000, because she learned that not just students, but all adults want to feel better at the end of the day, instead of feeling anxiety around their communication habits.

With the help of DISC, her theater background and training in communication, today Merri helps attorneys and other introverts see their value and speak with confidence. Author of Confidence in 30 Days, and Light a Fire in Your Message, Merri coaches clients (including extroverts) to break down barriers in their communication to gain clarity, connection and confidence with business development, with clients, in court and in the work environment. Merri works with attorneys, financial advisors and others in service industries.

Merri’s Workshop:

Break Down Communication Barriers helps listeners understand why they communicate differently than their co-workers, than other networkers or than other public speakers. While they feel affirmed in the patterns of their speaking style, they learn strategies in how to break down communication barriers that may come as a result of their style, which can be applied to their meeting participation, their public speaking and their business development.

Merri’s Communication Coaching supports:
• Public speaking
• Networking
• Leadership
• Business Development
by focusing on
• Confidence
• Clarity
• Connection

Merri’s Education/Training:

Graduate of Bowling Green State University, teacher of speech/theatre for 16 years, trainer of the Certified Networker program for 4 years, trained in adult learning

Gregg Goldston School of Mime at Gambier College/Kenyon University; National Shakespeare Conservatory; graduate of Protrack (National Speakers’ Academy)

Partners/Clients include:

Law firms

Columbus Bar Association

Ohio Bar Association

Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Ohio Supreme Court

American Bar Association

Financial advisors

Other professional service providers

Other introvert public speakers

Want details? Please contact Merri at 419-343-9299, merri@bdbcommunication.com or go to www.bdbcommunication.com .

For tips throughout the day, connect with Merri on Twitter – @merribame

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