About Merri

Trained as a teacher, a director and a stage performer, Merri helps attorneys manage how they think about and talk to themselves and also how they communicate with others. Merri’s clients don’t want to settle for how things are in their lives. Why settle? Instead, they intend to get what they want, to do what they want, to be what they want and to have what they want.  Merri coaches them to develop communication patterns that work for getting these results.

Author of Confidence in 30 Days, and Light a Fire in Your Message, Merri  taught high school for 16 years, teaching teenagers to express themselves with confidence behind a podium, on stage and through their writing. In time, Merri took a leap of faith to leave education and become a business owner as a coach of adults who want to increase their confidence, to grow their influence and feel better about themselves at the end of the day. Today Merri works mainly with attorneys.

Merri’s Personal Communication Coaching supports:
Clarity on What you Want, What it Takes to Get Results, Mindset, Strategy, Business and Practice Development, Public Speaking, Networking, Self-Management and Personal Responsibility, Relationship Development and Influence

Merri’s Education/Training:

Graduate of Bowling Green State University
Teacher of speech/theatre for 16 years
Trainer of the Certified Networker program for 4 years
Trained in adult learning
Summer Program – Gregg Goldston School of Mime at Gambier College/Kenyon University
Summer Program – National Shakespeare Conservatory
Graduate of Protrack (National Speakers’ Academy)

Partners/Clients include:



Managing Partners

Solo Practitioners


Columbus Bar Association

Ohio Bar Association

Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Ohio Supreme Court

American Bar Association


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