Action drives Purpose/Purpose drives Action

I don’t usually post in my blog more than 2-3 times per week. Although I once had a daily practice of writing, I adjusted it down so I could take the time to Do the work and not just Write about it. But this week I was inspired to write 4 days in a row on a series of 4 directives that drive us. And because this drive shapes our communication, our relationship continuity and the results of our labor, I had to share them in a series close together.

1. In life we are encouraged to come.

We get this invitation from all around. And quite often when invited, we accept, and find ourselves feeling affirmed, supported, encouraged, challenged and stretched.

At work, at play, in the office, outside it, at school, at home – all around the invitation is there. Remember the attraction to this? Generally we feel a childlike spirit when invited. It’s a good place to be. When we accept the invitation we communicate willingness to relate.

2. At times, we allow ourselves to follow.

The servant-like leader is respected. Those who humble themselves will be exalted. Even from positions of grandeur, individuals who display willingness to follow create awe. This communicates respect, love and humanity.

3. Abiding by our truths, our principles and our values gives us character.

Although we may have wisdom, until we demonstrate consistency and devotion to our guiding principles we lack true purpose. Where we spend our time communicates the most about us.

Having said all this, the final directive is the one that speaks to our purpose the most. It is the measurement of our life – how we use our talents.

4. Action drives purpose/purpose drives action.

For as much as I may struggle with the other three, this final imperative is the barrier that I struggle the most with. It encourages me to speak up. Yet often I falter. I second-guess my opinion, rethink my ideas and under-value my experience.

Quick to be the mediator, I would rather make someone feel better than hold them accountable, especially when doing so creates uncomfortable conflict. Yet at the end of the day, I am quick to judge myself for failing to speak up, to speak the truth, to point out inconsistency or share another perspective. When I hesitate, my God-given purpose is put on hold.

Learning these lessons has motivated my public speaking coaching. For as I have personally learned to speak up and out, to use my talents and wisdom, to honor my unique gifts- others want the same. It is an honor to assist those who are motivated to speak with confidence. In this way I see action driving purpose, both for me and for them.

When I see the results of speaking up or speaking out – the assistance it gives, the ability of people to relate to each other or the support of change for the better – I am motivated toward doing more. Purpose drives action.

This is the last post you’ll get from me this week, for now it’s time for me to sit down and reflect and for you to take action.

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