Add to Your #Introvert Reading List

There’s good reason to assume that if you’re reading this as an introvert, you appreciate reading – see There’s Power in New Information. In the past I have mentioned books to read – For the Introvert Reader. Additionally, today I am adding to the resources with more good stuff!

NPR and Oprah have focused in the past month on Susan Cain for her book, Quiet. I am eagerly awaiting that read. Have you read it yet? In the meantime, I just finished The Introverted Leader – Building on Your Quiet Strength, by Jennifer Kahnweiler. Written in 2009, this book addresses our temperament as it compares to the many activities and  responsibilities of the leader. Of late, I have used it’s focus on public speaking, meeting participation and managing up. Addressing the 4 key challenges we introverts face, this Kahnweiler moves on to give practical guidance in conquering these challenges within the context of each leadership activity.

What are you reading? Let me know so I may add to my list as well.

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