Affirm Who You Are

Many business leaders and coaches will tell you to focus on the goals you set, follow through with the initiatives you’re using to reach them and track your results. This is good advice. On top of that – and in addition, is the need for the introvert to affirm who they are.

“I am personable, observant, smart and concerned. I am an introvert on the move.”

Written on a poster sheet in my office, these words direct me to what is at my core – what I have to work with. It’s easy for me to lose track of these things because I, like most introverts, forget my value. I tend to compare myself to others, often giving myself the short end of the stick. But when I am sitting in my chair and looking straight ahead, I see these words – words I have come up with that speak to who I am.

Of course I have talents and achievements. I have many things I can tell myself about how to stay on track on a daily basis. As a self-employed individual, I get little guidance and no supervision. So it’s important for me, an introvert, to hear support, that piece of intrapersonal communication that can keep me on track instead of throw me off. My affirmation, when repeated outloud, is the reminder I need for a boost of self worth.

Who are you? In a few sentences or less, put it in writing. Then place it where you can consistently see it. Affirm who you are and you will also be an introvert on the move.

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