And the Winner Is…

Today is a big day for a client of mine. She is winning an award she is humbled to receive and eager to speak well for, in response. When she called me to seek guidance in creating and practicing her acceptance speech, she had 2 major thougths to share:

I can’t believe they picked me

I want to validate their selection

Yet guess which thought her first draft of the acceptance speech focused on? You guessed it – disbelief. For the first several minutes her message focused on why she didn’t deserve the award. I knew right away this dear soul isn’t used to getting and/or accepting recognition.

And if she continued on in the way she was going, she would wreck a good thing. She had unconsciously disrespected the selection committee that named her as the outstanding recipient.

How do you handle recognition? If you are like most people, you do quite similar things the above award winner did. If so, please take not. You have something to say other than to deflect the honor. Focus on the cause, the accomplishment lessons or a message of inspiration to others.

This is the strategy my client has elected – a combination of all three. It further inspired her spirit and makes her message poignantly meaningful. I am thrilled to attend tonight’s reception in her honor. Not only will I get to see the glory of the moment she deserves. I will witness the impact she makes on me and those around me with her inspirational message that validates the selection of the committee.

And the winner is….

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  1. Thank you so much for your assistance. Your feedback and guidance were invaluable in shaping my speech, defining my objectives, and boosting my confidence. I am grateful for your coaching expertise, and your willingness to build the capacity of others. jkb

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