Anxious? You have at least 1 barrier to break down.

Communication can be tough, even for attorneys.

Circumstances that lead lawyers to feel communication anxiety typically centers around proving their worth, on business development, and on handling opposition. Can you relate? Each of these circumstances generates anxiety while also tipping the scale of said attorney’s success based on how well he/she communicates.

First, we must decide when to speak up. For some of us, this is huge. Will it offend? Will we say the wrong thing? Can we risk it? It’s a tough call.

Next, getting to the point while we feel emotionally attached to our message can be tricky. Our emotions can send us in an endless loop of side roads or detours that either complicate our message or keep us from figuring out what we want, let alone saying it.

And yet we still hope our listeners sit up and react as we wish. Whether we’ve spoken up (can’t they just figure us out?), whether we’ve made our point or not. Communicating well means we need to be confident, be clear and connect.

If any of these 3 circumstances is at issue, you face barriers and probably feel a bit anxious. It would be great to think you easily handle the above circumstances, but attorneys commonly spend their time writing vs speaking, absorbing piles of information vs honing it down and speaking defensively vs speaking to relate. You may be pushed by deadlines, drained of energy, and even feeling blind-sighted. And then you’re asked to originate more business if you want to prove your worth to your firm or make partner. These circumstances compound the need to speak up without being anxious, yet they often are the reason for feeling so helpless and inadequate.

There’s not much harder than having to communicate when you feel anxious.

If you’re an attorney who feels anxious about business development, about your next attempt at advocacy, about dealing with an on-staff personality, or about your own self-worth, stop it. Contact Merri to begin breaking down the communication barriers and get back to doing the work you love.

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