Are You Cut Out for Public Speaking?

Earlier I posted a comment on my personal facebook page: “I am an introvert on the move.” And many people who know me well responded, “You aren’t an introvert!”

How is it that people who know us well can get such a huge thing wrong: whether we are an introvert or extrovert? Maybe you’d be surprised by the answer – because we so often practice extroverted traits. Especially those behaviors of getting in front of audiences. Maybe most people think introverts aren’t cut out for getting in front of audiences.

I learned in high school the joy of getting in front of audiences. It isn’t easy when you’re unprepared – but it is enjoyable when you’re well-practiced. And that’s something introverts love – practice. We play things out in our head, on our feet, on paper and in the mirror. One of the aspects of introversion is the need to be thorough and prepared for what comes our way. We need to create the energy for what we’re about to do and things that give us energy have to do with our level of preparation which fuels our confidence.

So if we are asked to present, to lead a meeting, to teach a class or run a seminar, we seldom “wing it”. Instead, we plan, prepare and practice. Usually it shows up as something worth attending.

Think you’re not cut out for public speaking because you are an introvert? Think again. You ARE cut out for it.

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