Are you willing to be great?

Someone once told me  the following:

Every day brings us someone to learn from and someone who needs to learn from us.

My first response was, “I wonder if I will be willing to learn?”

An introvert who has a history of not asking for help, I have often fallen into the trap of NOT LEARNING, simply out of stubborness, or out of fear that asking for help will make me look bad.

I taught high school speech and theatre for 16 years yet resisted attending any of the National Speaker’s Association meetings or trainings for fear that I had it all wrong. Until recently.

A fellow speaking professional was willing to learn from me by sharing her willingness to learn more about the craft of speaking. This intrigued me. It opened my eyes – I actually walked away from coffee with her and went online to the National Speaker’s Association website to see what offerings they had coming up.

As a result, I took an 8-month course in creating a professional speaking business and learned not only some useful and applicable techniques, but also affirmed my current abilities. Wow – I left motivated to continue my speaking, apply my new learning and FELT EVEN BETTER about myself!

That’s when I was reminded that learning works best when we want to amplify our strengths, affirm our ablities and get motivated for using them more often!

In keeping with this concept of gaining ground with our strengths, I also learned that coaching people who already enjoy the activities I coach them in (giving presentations, networking for business development, speaking at hearings or during trials) creates immediate results. They are motivated to do more, better, and with that openness they quickly apply the steps discussed in the coaching sessions and see immediate results.

One of the results is attention from others who are shocked that they seek coaching. It motivates their colleagues to do the same thing – seek coaching.

When we are open to learn we are positive forces for others to learn from.

How many people do you know who seek coaching?

Probably only those who are open to learn, who want to improve in key ways or who want to own their professional development in their existing skill sets. and become great.

Consider the golfer or swimmer who so loves what they are doing that they want to get better. They ask for help. They know it means they will stretch their God-given talents in meaningful ways. And in many ways, their desire to grow is a lesson others learn from.

Identify what you are good at. Then seek coaching to become great at it.

Are you expert in certain areas of knowledge? Then share the wealth. Be open to learn and be willing to be someone others can learn from. If you are open to learn, you can find countless ways to enjoy what you are already good at.

You may consider giving presentations, offering a seminar or teaching a class in your field of expertise. Once you do, you will find multiple levels of enjoyment from it – simply because it’s already capitalizing on your strengths. Not only will you immerse yourself into what you’re already good at, you will inspire others in the process.

Are you a decent presenter? Seek observation from a speaking coach for affirmation on what’s going well and tips you can immediately apply for even more success.

Are you a well-respected leader? Get leadership coaching.

A terrific writer? Reach out for feedback from someone else in the field.

We are most open to learn when we are able to say,

Yes, I am good at this. And I believe I can be great.

Ironically, it’s also when someone will learn from us.




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