Best Audiences for You

Building our visibility is of primary importance when we are in the position to find more business. We have shifted from the need to enhance our credibility – this is already underway with the projects, cases and experiences we have behind us. To advance next, we must build our network, originate our own clients and regularly get some face time in front of key people.

So how do we strategize to build our audiences? Great question. It all starts with developing a plan, preparing to manage it and practicing the implementation until we develop insight on what is and isn’t useful. Let’s explore the first of these three steps.

Develop a plan for who you want to get in front of. This may seem like common sense, yet business builders often are so focused IN their business that they don’t work ON it. Including planning for their marketing and prospecting, which is what public speaking is the number one activity to support. Yet most often, those with an interest in getting their name out there with public speaking don’t take the time to strategize about who to get in front of nor how to do it.

Knowing how to strategize is key – especially tieing strategy to BEST audiences vs. ANY audiences. So what are your best audiences? This is the question to keep drilling down. Not only are you wanting to get in front of folks who can use your products/services, you also want to get in front of folks who will refer you. Building your referral opportunities makes your visibility as a speaker pay off in huge ways. Those who refer are the mouthpiece you need.

Plan who your best audiences are based on who is best for you to work with and who is best to refer you.

Want specific help with this? Consider BDB’s Best Audiences for You workshop. It’s 2.5 hours of focused, specific conversation with you and other professionals who want to be sure they make the best use of their time speaking through planning their strategy of who to get in front of, how they do it, and what to say as a result.

Seem like something that will help you plan? What can take us hours and hours each month in deciding where to speak and who to get in front of, need only take you 2.5 hours to create a plan, prepare yourself for what it takes and practice the activity that leads you to speaking with confidence in front of key people all year long.

Contact me at or 419-343-9299. We will get you moving forward into the spotlight you deserve!

Watch for Best Audiences for You, 2, a post about preparing yourself for what it takes after you have your plan.

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