Undeniably – the most classic benefit of getting out of our comfort zones (leaving the house, having an appointment, stepping in front of a group or seeking input) is getting affirmation, recognition and/or appreciation of our efforts. Yes!

As individuals we generate opinions about our own ideas and strengths, yet until we see their impact on others, we question our own potential. And the longer we stay in our comfort zones, the longer we cherish our own thinking. But that moment is short-lived. Seeds of doubt enter our mind, ready to devastate us. Soon we scratch our head around how to handle objjections. This leads to questioning our decision to get out with our ideas, and then avoiding the public promotion at all.

Unless we are ready to completely give up on our own ideas and thinking, there is only one option that gets us out of this dilemma. Get out.

Get in front of others, and although the diarhea attacks take root, push on through. Find out what it’s like to stand on your own two feet and deliver your message. Especially when you’re prepared. And you’re excited. There is nothing like seeing a sea of faces in front of you, connecting with one at a time and sharing what you have.

Maybe it’s about helping those with you. Or about gathering information, discovering value fulfilling a duty. Without a doubt, it will lead you to the next step. Without it, there is nothing but a wall. But when we step up, step out and step forward the view looks different.

Before you were seeing things through your logic. Now you’re seeing through your spirit. What a lift.

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