Business Owners Must Put Themselves Out There!

At the end of the day, what feels better? Laziness or success?

For me it’s whatever helps me celebrate and feel valuable. Laziness may be good in the moment, but it just doesn’t cut it when I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Too often I get the urge to relax even though I have scheduled events in my day that gets me Out There. For instance, today I had 2 unplanned yet desired events to get to that allowed me to be visible and make connections, maybe even take action. One gave me the chance to follow up with someone I’ve been trying to do some work for and who wants me to work for her organization. The difficulty has been in her influencing her constituents. Once she said, “let’s get together and keep talking.” Well, I found out where she was going to be today for an outdoor event and went. We connected, scheduled a time to meet and continued relationship-building.

It took so little on my part, yet I almost backed out because I needed to be elsewhere across town. Nevertheless, I made it to both places simply out of a desire to put myself out there. I had an earlier example 4 days ago when I made an unscheduled stop to a past client. While there, the owner highly praised my coaching results with an employee and then said, “I want the rest of my office employees to spend time with you.” After he appealed to me to draw up a proposal I left grinning, knowing I seldom make unplanned stops. Wow. It’s worthwhile!

So on I went today to schedule time with the above director and then to have lunch with another organization where my coaching has just started. Basically, the more I introduce myself and learn about the focus of others, the better I can make quality connections while developing top-of-mind awareness.

I don’t care if business owners are extroverts or introverts, it pays when we put ourselves out there. If we don’t, our business journey is short. And that’s due to driving down a lonely road, out of view of those who need us. At the end of the day, success feels best!

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