New at Speaking? Give listeners what they want to see and hear.

When we think of new public speakers, what often comes to mind is a behavior that tends to be a common barrier pattern – being needy. There are several things we see of needy speakers. Tense behaviors that show their “nerves in action” commonly start with the hands and feet. This means that adrenaline coursing through our .. read more

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Comfort Zone or Adventure?

Last weekend my partner and I did some white-water rafting in West Virginia, the land of the wild and wonderful. As a public speaking and communication coach I encourage clients to explore territory outside their comfort zone and you better believe that focus took hold of me while I was on my own personal adventure. .. read more

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Lacking Motivation? Training can inspire!

Do you remember why you entered your profession? If you’re an attorney, you may have had the grand desire to make a difference. And once you entered your practice, you may have learned the difference you want to make is bill more hours make partner live the life you want Whatever you’re interested in making .. read more

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Rethink anxiety – Imagine loving every minute of public speaking

Our body can’t tell the difference between nervousness and enthusiasm. Naming it is what makes it so. You and I have both been there. Moments before we stand up to speak, adrenaline rushes through our systems. If we are ready and eager to see the result, we call it adrenaline, and we feel excited. But .. read more

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On October 6th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, anxiety, public speaking by

How to Speak Like You Were Born To

“Make sure you have finished speaking BEFORE your audience has finished listening.” Dorothy Sarnoff Just like you, I really appreciate when speakers keep it simple. By this I mean, when they have few points to make, make them clearly and keep us curious about more. They don’t try to be who they aren’t and say .. read more

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On September 30th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, affirmation, public speaking, purpose by

Why I Speak and Other Introverts Should, Too

Every time I speak I feel like a duck. Cool and collected above water while “paddling like hell” underneath! But that’s not why I speak. I remember when I went to my first speech class in high school. My hands were sweaty, my spine felt like jello and I thought I was going to pass .. read more

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On July 28th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, affirmation, behavior, calm, curiosity, in the zone, introverts by

How Big is your Brave?

Our confidence, our brave, is as big as the world we live in. For some of us, the world is as big as the computer screen in front of us yet limited by the walls of our cave. We may stay inside our room, only communicate through email or text, only say those things we .. read more

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On July 30th, 2013, posted in: adrenaline, confidence by

Performance tips from Barry Manilow

This morning I caught a recent interview of Barry Manilow, songwriter/performer of 4 decades, shared over National Public Radio. I caught the tail-end of it, and from that hearing found 2 nuggets I will apply to my own performances. Here they are. One nugget I feel is the key to creating engagement with audiences, because it builds interest, energy .. read more

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On December 7th, 2012, posted in: adrenaline, anxiety, Passion, performance, preparation by

Stay alone or connect?

Like many introverts, I often dread leaving my comfy, familiar environment to meet others – especially when I feel tired. When I’m tired, I’m down on myself, and I believe I need a cocoon. This happened yesterday. Once a month I meet with fellow professional speakers to share progress in our marketing, audience responses and .. read more

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On October 15th, 2012, posted in: adrenaline, calm, energy, meaning, pushing forward by

Self-Talk – Use it or Lose it!

Not long ago I had coffee with a client who said, “I spend so much time focusing on where I fall short that I forget about my strengths.” The voice in this gentleman’s head, while reminding him of his problems, gave him no internal support. His coaching mechanism was nonexistant. Although it could remind him .. read more

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