3 Times We Need to PLAN our Communication

It’s that time of year when advisors, mentors and job hunters all are getting prepared for the big launch. Either their students are moving on, their interns are lining up their interest in next steps or job seekers are priming for the open market of recruiters. It’s also the time I get called on to .. read more

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On March 31st, 2014, posted in: alertness, anxiety, calm, clarity, communication skills by

Calm or Distorted? You get to chose.

It isn’t easy to “keep your calm when all about you is losing theres”. We have all dealt with times we’ve regretted losing our control. As professionals, we strive for self-management, yet with few role models to learn from, how do we get it? What it all comes down to is the result of CHOICE. .. read more

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On July 8th, 2013, posted in: alertness, anxiety, calm, choice, controllling self by

How long can you hold their attention?

Think it takes much to get and hold an audience’s attention? Consider this: Jerry Seinfeld, arguably one of the world’s biggest comics, reveals the difficulty of being in front of an audience in the movie, Comedian. When he decides to go on the road to test new material, Jerry says that it’s not as easy .. read more

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What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

When is it time to put aside our daily chores and pay attention to the story being revealed around us? I can’t help but reflect on this today with a related circumstance in my past. My sophomore year in high school, I played a role in Bye, Bye, Birdie, a musical which (according to Wikipedia) demonstrates satire .. read more

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On September 7th, 2012, posted in: alertness, presence, relationship, Uncategorized by

Thoughtful speakers get results

Yesterday I wrote about Waiting. It was Wednesday. Although my post also focused on being thoughtful, I wish to take a new angle on being thoughtful today. Because today is Thursday – a great day to be Thoughtful! When I think of speakers, I think of high energy, animation, laughter and smiles. Probably because these .. read more

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Slow down for thinking.

Need more conviction in your speaking? When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to think through what you will say? If you wish to speak with conviction, slow down to think. Brainstorming, gathering information, seeking perspective and bouncing your ideas off another person leads to our ability to speak with conviction. Not only is this .. read more

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Even we introverts should go with our gut!

When it comes to communicating, I understand. There is such value to slowing down, thinking, adjusting the words we use and carefully delivering our message. We introverts are quite used to behaving this way. But it needn’t be the ONLY way we respond. Sometimes our impact is enhanced when we go with our gut. When I was  .. read more

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Introverts, Get Up and At’em!

Back when I was teaching and directing HS theatre, I had to emphasize to students during show weeks the need to get up early on Saturdays.  Often Friday night shows would go well. Students had been up early enough to get to school on time, had their metabolisms engaged and by showtime they were fully alert .. read more

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On May 2nd, 2012, posted in: alertness, introverts, motivation, visualize by 1 Comment