Understand Your Communication Style, Grow Your Business

We know whether we like speaking or not, how well we do in groups and whether we’re willing to have challenging conversations. With those feelings firmly rooted in our bodies and minds, we become selective about activity that builds business. Either we run out and get in front of people because we like to or .. read more

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Regret being Wishy-Washy?

In the general public, a good (yes, they are good) 35% or more of us are peace-keepers, motivated to create calm. Looking out for the interest of others, we would rather avoid conflict than enter an anxious discussion, which leads us down a slippery slope. Let me explain why this is a problem: peace-keepers are .. read more

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On January 23rd, 2015, posted in: anxiety, behavior, communication, out of the comfort zone, pace, purpose by

This simple trick curbs public speaking anxiety

Focus on them. Moments before we begin our presentation, we commonly get anxious – this happens to most speakers, regardless of their preparation and experience. So although the directive – focus on them – seems like it would amplify the nerves, it doesn’t. When we focus on ourselves during anxiety-driven circumstances like public speaking, our mind .. read more

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First step to lower your public speaking anxiety

You have been assigned the task of presenting next month. Your speech date is at least 2 weeks away, but you’re already there, sweating it. What can you do about your nerves? Will your next several days be ruined? They don’t need to be. Don’t get me wrong – your concerns are natural. They speak to your .. read more

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Introvert cure for Black Friday anxiety – online retreat!

Black Friday tends to create explosive behaviors. Those around us show heightened desires for the material, take opportunity to demonstrate aggression and compete with anything from parking spots to places in line at the checkout counter. I used to get stressed with shopping. Window-shopping consistently proved I was out of touch with fashion, either because .. read more

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On November 28th, 2014, posted in: anxiety, Breaking down barriers, breakthrough, inspire by

If you are a slave to public speaking anxiety, re-consider 3 beliefs

It is uncomfortable in the spotlight. This first belief is one very few people would question, especially when it comes to public speaking. Pay attention to the adrenaline that soars through your body when you step up to speak and if you don’t like the feeling, you suddenly feel unprepared or inadequate. Maybe you question .. read more

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Get Rid of Public Speaking Fears, Once and For All

“There are three things to aim at: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” – Alexander Gregg When it comes to speaking well, just like with anything, if we can “get into” it we can not only .. read more

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Rethink anxiety – Imagine loving every minute of public speaking

Our body can’t tell the difference between nervousness and enthusiasm. Naming it is what makes it so. You and I have both been there. Moments before we stand up to speak, adrenaline rushes through our systems. If we are ready and eager to see the result, we call it adrenaline, and we feel excited. But .. read more

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On October 6th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, anxiety, public speaking by

How to Forget You’re an Introvert When Speaking

So many introverts get in their own way when they speak in front of groups simply because they focus on the negative about themselves while they speak – “not quite good enough”, “boring conversationalist”, “slow to speak” and then they experience the desire to run and hide from group exposure. At that point they avoid .. read more

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Respond Well to the Unexpected Question

One of the hardest parts of public speaking is taking questions. Like at a job interview where the most ready candidates have planned for the commonly posed questions but still wonder about what they may not have planned for, we speakers are fully alive to being blind-sighted by that question we cannot answer. What do .. read more

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On June 2nd, 2014, posted in: anxiety, communication skills, public speaking by