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3 Ways to Prepare Well for your next Audience

It’s about them, not about you. But only if you make an effort to prepare well. Meaning, thinking about your listeners and how that modifies your message. Most speakers don’t prepare this way. Here’s what can lead to not preparing for your audience. You get called on to inform or persuade a group. What’s your .. read more

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Intention tip for speaking to groups

Yes, you are the expert. As such, you get called on to address topics in meetings, to stand in front of a group and deliver your credentials. I have been in your shoes and understand why this can so quickly go wrong. When I focus on proving myself, I talk too much. Maybe this isn’t .. read more

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Slow down for thinking.

Need more conviction in your speaking? When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to think through what you will say? If you wish to speak with conviction, slow down to think. Brainstorming, gathering information, seeking perspective and bouncing your ideas off another person leads to our ability¬†to speak with conviction. Not only is this .. read more

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Confidence in Asking

When I started observing jury trials to coach attorneys in confidence and influence, I enjoyed watching opposing attorney communication style and quickly learned a few key things. In general, those who were prepared – mentally and logically – demonstrated the most confidence. But I was thrown by the shift in a confident lawyer’s approach when he/she .. read more

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