Breaking down barriers

A Week of Miracles

In Christian beliefs and traditions, this is a week of miracles. Thousands of years ago humanity was given a gift that proves we don’t have to be good enough. In a few days we will once again celebrate God sending Jesus from heaven to earth to save us from our imperfections. But the miracles are not over. .. read more

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Say, “Wow, I Did That!”

There’s nothing like the voice in our head, when it comes to how we feel about ourselves. Stemming from past experiences, opinions of others or even existing circumstances, that voice in your head either conjures up magic or doom. Right? What we feel about ourselves sends us on a trajectory of self-fulfilling prophecy. It will .. read more

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Want Listeners to Remember You? Do this.

You’re out developing business by presenting to supportive audiences, attending networking events, scheduling follow up coffees and entering meaningful conversations. How do you hope they feel? Hopefully they don’t want the meeting to end. But it does. Then what? They need to remember the feeling, and basically this means, they need to keep remembering you .. read more

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Understand Your Communication Style, Grow Your Business

We know whether we like speaking or not, how we feel about group activity and whether we’re willing to have challenging conversations. With those feelings firmly rooted, we become selective about activity that builds business. Either we run out and get in front of people because we like to or we stay at our desk .. read more

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3 Ways to Prepare Well for your next Audience

It’s about them, not about you. But only if you make an effort to prepare well. Meaning, thinking about your listeners and how that modifies your message. Most speakers don’t prepare this way. Here’s what can lead to not preparing for your audience. You get called on to inform or persuade a group. What’s your .. read more

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Introvert cure for Black Friday anxiety – online retreat!

Black Friday tends to create explosive behaviors. Those around us show heightened desires for the material, take opportunity to demonstrate aggression and compete with anything from parking spots to places in line at the checkout counter. I used to get stressed with shopping. Window-shopping consistently proved I was out of touch with fashion, either because .. read more

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The Secret to Public Speaking

When I ask audiences what the key to public speaking is, they almost always respond with “preparation”. Makes sense, right? The more you plan your message, the better you’ll be at delivering a smooth presentation. I agree with planning being a key. However, planning, in itself, does little to attract listeners to our message. For .. read more

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Had a bad experience as a presenter? It’s time for a good one.

Not only is it common for people to have bad experiences presenting, bad presentations happen to all of us, even the best speakers. (By the way, most of us who speak a lot have learned our craft after bad experiences.)  After one of these experiences is a perfect time to get in front of a neutral observer to .. read more

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The Authentic Attorney Breaks Down Barriers

If you define authentic as “in keeping with what one believes”, then consider 2 elements that make an authentic attorney who breaks down barriers. The authentic attorney makes decisions based on personal values, priorities and desires. One of my clients values orderliness, community and education. When he leaves his office at the end of the day, spent, .. read more

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On March 22nd, 2013, posted in: Breaking down barriers, consistency, speak up by

From breaking down barriers to creating boundaries – Manage the voice in your head!

Just as motivation is the key to accomplishing goals, discipline is the key to living within set boundaries. And for us to feel good about each, we need balance. This morning it took me longer than usual to get out of bed. I have a set routine regarding daily schedule and tasks needed to fit into .. read more

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On December 10th, 2012, posted in: boundaries, Breaking down barriers, motivation by