Lacking Motivation? Training can inspire!

Do you remember why you entered your profession? If you’re an attorney, you may have had the grand desire to make a difference. And once you entered your practice, you may have learned the difference you want to make is bill more hours make partner live the life you want Whatever you’re interested in making .. read more

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Why Working With the Best is Such a Treat

Yesterday I had the honor of coaching judges on their presentation skills at the Ohio Supreme Court. What a humbling, career-energizing experience this was for me! I have told many audiences – including yesterday’s – that I enjoy coaching presenters of two types: those who are the top 20% of speakers in an organization, especially .. read more

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On October 26th, 2012, posted in: action, attitude, behavior, career, coaching, trust by

We commonly forget our value

Consider the individuals who, when around them, force you to shift from your best self to your most negative self. Consider the times you feel judged, attacked or belittled. In considering these things, you are recalling feelings of frustration, confusion, anger or regret. Especially if you are an introvert. These are not pleasant ways to .. read more

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Are you willing to be great?

Someone once told me  the following: Every day brings us someone to learn from and someone who needs to learn from us. My first response was, “I wonder if I will be willing to learn?” An introvert who has a history of not asking for help, I have often fallen into the trap of NOT .. read more

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Presentation Extenders – training that works

Let’s face it. A day of training or an hour of speaking helps fill a training need from a training director’s or administrator’s standpoint. But what does it do for the student? It doesn’t matter how much you spent on speaker/training fees. Retention of a one-time offering is as good as the Chinese food you .. read more

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On July 31st, 2012, posted in: action, coaching, engagement, impact, presentation by

Progress starts today

As a speaking and communication coach, I regularly see progress in others, understanding that even more progress happens when they focus on making it happen. And as a human being, an introvert and an entrepreneur, I need to coach myself on progress regularly, otherwise it’s easy to fall back into barrier patterns. Can you relate? If .. read more

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6 Tips to Developing Business with Public Speaking

This business development post from 2011, still resonates today. The last thing an introvert wants to hear is the value of public speaking because it’s such an energy drain. Yet as business developers, even introverts confess, the best way to gain clients is through creating and developing relationships. And standing in front of a group .. read more

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