How to Break Down Networking Barriers

You’ve just heard you have to attend the after-hours event, today.You focus on all the things you could be doing instead which bumps up your anxiety. At a networking event is the last place you want to be. If this feeling continues, your attitude and behavior will show your discomfort, creating barriers to not only .. read more

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Every Day Mantra for Attorneys and Other Introverts

“Get Out There” You may be a leader, a business developer, a trainer or a co-worker. Any of these roles require noticing how your efforts affect others. If you’re daily activities include research, analysis, drafting or any other form of content-creation, you, in part, do justice to your profession while you remain in a passive .. read more

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Can I Coach Myself on Communication Style?

When it comes to being the eyes and ears of our own value, what do you think? Can you coach yourself on how you come across? to others? If you’re the typical attorney, you want to make sure you think about things that matter. A few things to think about: Oral communication isn’t the same .. read more

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3 Ways to Prepare Well for your next Audience

It’s about them, not about you. But only if you make an effort to prepare well. Meaning, thinking about your listeners and how that modifies your message. Most speakers don’t prepare this way. Here’s what can lead to not preparing for your audience. You get called on to inform or persuade a group. What’s your .. read more

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What Rehearsing Does for Introverts, Extroverts

You’ve heard the key to speaking well is in preparation, right? Well some think preparation means planning, and only that. Others think planning means coming up with an idea to share. Imagine the following scenario: John shows up ready to speak with his detailed notes in front of him. He has proof that he has .. read more

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Create the 9-inch curve

One of my presentation coaching clients has recently announced, “I get it! Not only can I tell when I produce the 9-inch curve, I can tell when others do!” She has been so excited shifting from initial presenter stages to the stages of presentation excellence. Like speakers commonly do, my client demonstrated anxiety sharing her .. read more

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Sequestered or Connected. A Decision for Wholeness.

Juries are given the chance to listen to both sides of the story when hearing a case and the opposing arguments. This is when they are connected to the big picture. Then when they are sequestered, or isolated from public view to discuss and decide their findings, they get to show not only what they .. read more

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On October 9th, 2012, posted in: action, calm, connection, delivering, Delivery, entrepreneur by

Nothing Connects Like Humanity

For as perfect as we try to be, as superhuman and results-based our intentions, nothing connects people to us like being real. Many days I have positive energy, am willing to jump to assist and appreciate the same in others. I don’t do well around people who are constantly complaining and not taking initiative for themselves. Yet .. read more

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On October 5th, 2012, posted in: connection by

Our behavior communicates what is important to us

I was really looking forward to observing Matt, who is a dynamic, entertaining speaker. His assistant informed me a few months ago of his presentations this month so I could see his progress on the few things we have been working on. Since he is scheduled to speak today and I still had not heard .. read more

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On October 2nd, 2012, posted in: accountability, Breaking down barriers, connection, responsible by

Intention tip for speaking to groups

Yes, you are the expert. As such, you get called on to address topics in meetings, to stand in front of a group and deliver your credentials. I have been in your shoes and understand why this can so quickly go wrong. When I focus on proving myself, I talk too much. Maybe this isn’t .. read more

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