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Build Your Influence Repertoire with these 9 Options

We fall into any of 4 communication styles, which means, our preferences and behaviors fall into natural patterns. Depending on who we’re with, our patterns may mesh well, or not. If they fall into the same styles as us, typically listeners will comply with our patterns. Typically. But not always. And a good 70% of .. read more

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Lacking Motivation? Training can inspire!

Do you remember why you entered your profession? If you’re an attorney, you may have had the grand desire to make a difference. And once you entered your practice, you may have learned the difference you want to make is bill more hours make partner live the life you want Whatever you’re interested in making .. read more

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Want to be a great communicator? Focus on this one thing.

It takes discipline to be a great communicator. Nancy Duarte, Resonance None of us has any more time than the next person. Yet some of us wish we had done better to plan our next speech – taken more time to think it through, to rehearse or even to relate it to our listeners. As easy .. read more

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Get Rid of Public Speaking Fears, Once and For All

“There are three things to aim at: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” – Alexander Gregg When it comes to speaking well, just like with anything, if we can “get into” it we can not only .. read more

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How to Forget You’re an Introvert When Speaking

So many introverts get in their own way when they speak in front of groups simply because they focus on the negative about themselves while they speak – “not quite good enough”, “boring conversationalist”, “slow to speak” and then they experience the desire to run and hide from group exposure. At that point they avoid .. read more

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Display your confidence, today!

Who needs to see your confidence? Anyone who is relying on you: children, boss, partners, clients, your associates, etc. Display concern or frustration and that’s what those relying on you will feel. Concern that they have put trust in the wrong person. Frustration that you are not of the right frame of mind. The more .. read more

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On January 27th, 2014, posted in: confidence, controllling self, conviction by

Calm or Distorted? You get to chose.

It isn’t easy to “keep your calm when all about you is losing theres”. We have all dealt with times we’ve regretted losing our control. As professionals, we strive for self-management, yet with few role models to learn from, how do we get it? What it all comes down to is the result of CHOICE. .. read more

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On July 8th, 2013, posted in: alertness, anxiety, calm, choice, controllling self by

Stand up for what you believe

Who deserves your representation? Know that answer, and why you feel that way and you can start standing up for what you believe. Sometimes we forget our beliefs. We get distracted by the natural barriers that get in our way, that strip away our energy and push us around. Yet these barriers, although distracting, and sometimes .. read more

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On March 12th, 2013, posted in: behavior, boundaries, clarity, confidence, controllling self by

Simply Break it Down

Got a barrier? Don’t destroy it. Simply break a barrier down. I recall occassions I stood in my own way. Because of a limited viewpoint or distorted thinking I held myself back. And because I love to read and study, I spent loads of time in psychological self-help books trying to figure out my inadequacies. I wanted .. read more

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On January 17th, 2013, posted in: anxiety, attitude, controllling self, move forward by

Self-Talk – Use it or Lose it!

Not long ago I had coffee with a client who said, “I spend so much time focusing on where I fall short that I forget about my strengths.” The voice in this gentleman’s head, while reminding him of his problems, gave him no internal support. His coaching mechanism was nonexistant. Although it could remind him .. read more

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