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We commonly forget our value

Consider the individuals who, when around them, force you to shift from your best self to your most negative self. Consider the times you feel judged, attacked or belittled. In considering these things, you are recalling feelings of frustration, confusion, anger or regret. Especially if you are an introvert. These are not pleasant ways to .. read more

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Hone Your Message

Immediately my attention was heightened by the speaker’s dynamic, expressive energy. The more she talked, the greater her gestures and movement grew. Within 3 minutes, however, my impression of her speaking ability shifted. (Writer’s note, the above picture of Eunice is simply to illustrate great use of gestures – she is not the speaker I .. read more

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Practice People Management

A relatively young client of mine amazes me with his ability to address and manage his employees. Recently he shared his experience handling an accountability issue. Quickly after a circumstance happened regarding broken follow-through, he addressed the employees separately and called them on their breach. A good guy with decent rapport-building skills, he did not .. read more

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Expression, Marcel Marceau’s way

Influential communication is not easy. Back in the early 90’s I decided to accept an invitation to attend Gregg Goldston’s School of Mime for 4 summer weeks. Having been enthralled by the focus, discipline and ease of expression of a highly talented residential artist who came to my drama classes that year up in NW Ohio, .. read more

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You can handle it

We have  only so much time. And of the time we have, we prefer to do those things we enjoy or had planned. Putting the BIG rocks in first, time management experts would say. Even when they are things we don’t enjoy but need to be done. Quite often things come at us that disrupt .. read more

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For Lawyers – 4 Guidelines for Improving your Professional Pace

Not to be confused with PACE University, whether online or in New York – which has a school of law- or with the P.A.C.E. program of Houghton University, which boasts a management degree for working adults, pace in this blog post has to do with speed appropriate to the moment. For decades now females have entered .. read more

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On September 6th, 2011, posted in: Connecting, controllling self, discipline, public speaking by

Lawyers: Take a fearless and searching moral inventory.

Not only do addicts work the 12 steps, so do their personal development supporters. I learned this recently after lunching with a friend who told me of her journey with self assessment. She is now on the 4th step, the one that takes tremendous courage and objectivity. Taking a fearless moral inventory of ourselves helps .. read more

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What it takes to be a tree

Yesterday I read a tweet from the author of Be a Tree, a presentation pointer. Wonderful advice about how to come across as though you stand for something. Here is some of what he said: Stand still as a presenter. Get your weight on both feet. Balance yourself. Do not stick one hip out like .. read more

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On December 9th, 2010, posted in: confidence, Connecting, controllling self, focus, Message, trust by

Success comes from Accountability

Over the past 30 days, several business owners have demonstrated the power accountability has in helping them accomplish things they earlier had ability – but little drive – to do. This week my focus is on the professional who made a practice of carrying his baggage around. A man with many things on his plate, .. read more

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On September 13th, 2010, posted in: asking for help, controllling self by

Running on Fumes

Within a year of getting my driver’s license, one of my biggest fears as a 16-year old was running out of gas. All I could picture was being stranded on a rural county road with no more fuel in the tank and the red light indicator blinding me. Of course that was before the time .. read more

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On May 7th, 2010, posted in: choice, controllling self by