Avoid “if all else fails”. Rehearse!

They say, “if all else fails, read instructions.” In essence, get a preview of what to expect when you attempt something, especially after you don’t get what you expected. When it comes to speaking in public, doing so without first rehearsing is inviting “all else” to “fail”. Do you really want that “when all else fails” .. read more

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The duality of WHY

If you’re a leader, perhaps you have heard that asking your employees questions that start with “Why?” should be avoided. The assumption here is, questions that start with “why” puts folks on the defensive. Leadership isn’t about forcing people into that position but instead about relating to and understanding them. Putting aside whether or not .. read more

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On April 21st, 2014, posted in: behavior, communication skills, conviction by

Display your confidence, today!

Who needs to see your confidence? Anyone who is relying on you: children, boss, partners, clients, your associates, etc. Display concern or frustration and that’s what those relying on you will feel. Concern that they have put trust in the wrong person. Frustration that you are not of the right frame of mind. The more .. read more

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On January 27th, 2014, posted in: confidence, controllling self, conviction by

Slow down for thinking.

Need more conviction in your speaking? When’s the last time you gave yourself permission to think through what you will say? If you wish to speak with conviction, slow down to think. Brainstorming, gathering information, seeking perspective and bouncing your ideas off another person leads to our ability to speak with conviction. Not only is this .. read more

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Expression, Marcel Marceau’s way

Influential communication is not easy. Back in the early 90’s I decided to accept an invitation to attend Gregg Goldston’s School of Mime for 4 summer weeks. Having been enthralled by the focus, discipline and ease of expression of a highly talented residential artist who came to my drama classes that year up in NW Ohio, .. read more

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Even we introverts should go with our gut!

When it comes to communicating, I understand. There is such value to slowing down, thinking, adjusting the words we use and carefully delivering our message. We introverts are quite used to behaving this way. But it needn’t be the ONLY way we respond. Sometimes our impact is enhanced when we go with our gut. When I was  .. read more

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Who are we, really?

In a conversation with a new business acquaintance he shifted from his sharing details about his company’s paper solutions to his concern with his own selling confidence. This led him to ask, Who are we, really? He wants to be confident, he wants to be clear and yet much of the time, he confesses, he  would .. read more

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From Security Blanket to Sport Coat

Yesterday’s Rethink the Security Blanket post introduced the idea Linus Van Pelt shares in Snowflakes of adjusting from wrapping his security blanket around him to donning himself in its splendor. As introverts, we usually wrap ourselves up in the blanket to avoid moving forward in social settings that make us feel anxious. We can take some .. read more

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On December 7th, 2011, posted in: conviction, meaning, progress by