How to Build Confidence within Your Firm

The stakes are high. Summer associates, new hires, new partners and new leaders have to consistently break down barriers to deal with these stakes. For them to gain respect and trust from their co-workers, they must dispel questions and fears from those around them about their ability to handle the job ahead. If they break .. read more

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Are you willing to be great?

Someone once told me  the following: Every day brings us someone to learn from and someone who needs to learn from us. My first response was, “I wonder if I will be willing to learn?” An introvert who has a history of not asking for help, I have often fallen into the trap of NOT .. read more

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Expression, Marcel Marceau’s way

Influential communication is not easy. Back in the early 90’s I decided to accept an invitation to attend Gregg Goldston’s School of Mime for 4 summer weeks. Having been enthralled by the focus, discipline and ease of expression of a highly talented residential artist who came to my drama classes that year up in NW Ohio, .. read more

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Stand Up for Confidence

My mentor has me reading the book, Selling to VITO, the Very Important Top Officer by Anthony Parinello. Full of perspective on how to think, behave and speak like a top officer, Parinello echoes what I have heard others say about boosting your confidence level – stand up. If you are about to speak with .. read more

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On May 14th, 2012, posted in: confidence, courtroom, meetings, sales by

When Pressured, Pivot

When I played high school basketball, I was very ineffective. Although I could shoot, pass and dribble, I hadn’t developed the skill of responding to defenders. I never learned the art of pivoting. Without this, I was often cornered, trapped or forced to lose the ball. I wasn’t considered first string, for my ineffective handling of pressure .. read more

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On March 23rd, 2012, posted in: courtroom, pressure by

Recognize these Witnesses?

Want a break from the usual pressures of litigation? These witnesses you don’t want to have to control…but you may like their outcome! Check out the video included in this post. I hope you enjoy it! I have spent too many hours in the courtroom NOT to enjoy this Larry, Curly and Moe clip of .. read more

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On March 22nd, 2012, posted in: courtroom by

Display of Confidence

It’s a standoff. Two cowboys, back to back, step off away from each other, aware that the other will be soon turning around, taking aim and hitting their mark. The sun overhead is at it’s height, the dusty road is wind-swept in swirls and on-lookers are poised for the action. The cowboy displaying confidence fortells .. read more

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One Simple Rule of Thumb for Courtroom/Public Speaking

Recently I spent an hour with a client wanting a review of the presentation he’s giving for an office all-staff meeting. As I requested, he sent me the focus of his message in advance so I could get a sense of the content. Although it was fairly technical, I knew there were ways he could .. read more

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On July 21st, 2011, posted in: courtroom, lawyers, presence, public speaking by 1 Comment