How speakers create anxiety in listeners, part 1

Just as common as speakers being anxious when talking is listeners feeling anxiety with speakers. Today’s focus is on the anxiety we listeners get when speakers don’t look at us – not to be confused with speakers from cultures who take extended eye contact to mean an affront or challenge of authority. In the United .. read more

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Create the 9-inch curve

One of my presentation coaching clients has recently announced, “I get it! Not only can I tell when I produce the 9-inch curve, I can tell when others do!” She has been so excited shifting from initial presenter stages to the stages of presentation excellence. Like speakers commonly do, my client demonstrated anxiety sharing her .. read more

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Share Your Stage

I learned a huge lesson recently which has changed my thinking about giving presentations. When seeking visibility and credibility, it is important to share the stage with someone who is known and respected. The Columbus Bar Association has been very gracious to me. They are quick to listen to new topics I bring them for their .. read more

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On October 31st, 2012, posted in: credibility, networking, presentation by

Cordell Parvin and Attorney Credibility

I notice today’s blog post for attorneys from Cordell Parvin speaks to why credibility matters. He does a nice job of concisely spelling out what it takes to be perceived as credible. Check out the link below to read it for yourself. Now I will take a stab at answering Why does credibility matter? .. read more

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