Why I Speak and Other Introverts Should, Too

Every time I speak I feel like a duck. Cool and collected above water while “paddling like hell” underneath! But that’s not why I speak. I remember when I went to my first speech class in high school. My hands were sweaty, my spine felt like jello and I thought I was going to pass .. read more

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On July 28th, 2014, posted in: adrenaline, affirmation, behavior, calm, curiosity, in the zone, introverts by

Step Up

I get asked to do things that stretch me. No doubt, you do, too. Maybe it’s being a guest speaker in a webinar, a coach for a¬† new audience of professionals I haven’t experienced before, or even customize a topic for a presentation. My first reaction is usually, “gosh, am I good enough?”. And by .. read more

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Curiosity only Kills the Cat

My yellow-haired cat, Amber, is generally the one I yell at. Caramel, Buddy and Frisbee (although their names sound suspicious) are fairly sanguine around the house. But Amber is forever searching and discovering, climbing and unearthing. She is a cat in motion. Although this means she frequently topples things she examines, at times causing frustration, she .. read more

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On March 21st, 2012, posted in: curiosity, defense attorney by