digging deep

3 Q’s to Strengthen Your Conviction

You’ve experienced it before. After speaking out to influence your listeners, someone approaches you with, “Yea, I heard what you said, but…” This has certainly happened to me. And these are the times I have done one of two things: I walked away shaking my head that they just don’t get it or hitting my .. read more

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On April 22nd, 2013, posted in: behavior, calm, digging deep by

Make Your Thoughts Count

As a friend of mine recently told me, “Your thoughts don’t count unless you share them.” We introverts are often go-to people, but this cannot happen unless we first prove that we have thoughts worth paying attention to. And to do so, we must get out of our own way. We must speak up. Take .. read more

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Who are we, really?

In a conversation with a new business acquaintance he shifted from his sharing details about his company’s paper solutions to his concern with his own selling confidence. This led him to ask, Who are we, really? He wants to be confident, he wants to be clear and yet much of the time, he confesses, he  would .. read more

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When Introverts Focus on What Works

Yesterday I had a rough day. I watched my partner and her kids hit the road for a fun roadtrip while I stay behind to keep the house in order; discovered one of the songs my band has recorded now has only 30% or less of my harmony in it; and began stressing over my .. read more

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On December 29th, 2011, posted in: digging deep, focus, patterns, pity by