3 Ways to Make the Best Use of Time and Talents

 image by Karin Christensen -Scientific Animation & Illustration As a communication skills and speech coach, I repeatedly see how professionals get held back by lack of focus. We are interrupted throughout our day by stop-ins, callers, email notices, text messages, Facebook updates, LinkedIn status/connection requests, noise and trips to the coffee pot. The one thing .. read more

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On May 2nd, 2011, posted in: communication skills, focus, Merri Bame, speech coach by

Our Focus Drives Our Results

It’s not only in what we say, it’s in what we do. Our focus determines our results. Lack it, and those of us business owners who want to get in front of our best audiences will ramble incoherently while others around us scratch their heads wondering how to help us. The focused and strategic business builder is apt .. read more

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On April 22nd, 2011, posted in: audience, business building, focus, workshop by

Simply subtract

Addition is the usual sign of success. More toys, more friends, more dollars, more cars, more land, more square footage, more vacations, etc. Rarely does someone select “subtraction” as a standard mode of operating when their career is going well. Yet simplicity is the ultimate form of reward. And simplicity leads to clear communication – .. read more

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On March 16th, 2011, posted in: focus, God-given abilities, good enough, Message by

As Mark Sanborn suggests, "Change this inconsistency!"

By nature we automatically think one thing and do another. See the problems in others and not in ourselves. Do those things we wish we wouldn’t. We are inconsistent creatures. There is one inconsistency that Mark Sanborn has tweeted about lately. How can you keep commitments to others if you can’t keep commitments to yourself? .. read more

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On February 25th, 2011, posted in: focus, Mark Sanborn, motivation by

What it takes to be a tree

Yesterday I read a tweet from the author of Be a Tree, a presentation pointer. Wonderful advice about how to come across as though you stand for something. Here is some of what he said: Stand still as a presenter. Get your weight on both feet. Balance yourself. Do not stick one hip out like .. read more

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On December 9th, 2010, posted in: confidence, Connecting, controllling self, focus, Message, trust by

What I Believe about Coaching

So many of us are looking for the magic bullet. Whether to attack incompetence, ineffectiveness, self-doubt or lack of strategy. We want help. And the bottom line beneath this is our feeling of inadequacy. We want to feel adequate to others. We want to have our voice heard. We want to erase the past and .. read more

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On November 4th, 2010, posted in: asking for help, focus, move forward by

Mondays – in the rough

Over the weekend I saw a video of a country recording titled something like, Who are You When I’m not Looking? Really great perspective on the fact that most of us are slightly different in public than we are on our own. This leads me to today’s topic – Monday behavior. Keeping the same theme .. read more

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On October 25th, 2010, posted in: discipline, focus by

Success Story: Reclaiming Energy

One of the members of the Business Owners Accountability Group recently shared a need to insert downtime into her week. She knows that any group member may agree with her challenges, share their experiences with solutions, or ask further questions. Here is a re-created version of the conversation at BOAG and the road to success .. read more

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On October 19th, 2010, posted in: asking for help, focus by

Success Story: Results from a very targeted focus

17 months ago I moved to a new city. Although business still happens in my previous city – where my network is strong and the need continues – in the new I needed to get very strategic about business development. I am a networker, realizing the value of relationship and referrals for my service-focused communication .. read more

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On September 27th, 2010, posted in: asking for help, Connecting, focus, trust by

The most fearful part of the speech

Recently a local firm engaged me to help a junior associate with a few areas of professional development, including her ability to give public presentations. Although competent and equipped with intelligence to deliver quality information, this attorney didn’t trust her own ability to speak with confidence. Once we sat down I asked her, “What is .. read more

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On September 22nd, 2010, posted in: confidence, focus by